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 This is a sponsored post on behalf of Global Influence and Dove/Family Dollar. All views and opinions are our own.


When I think of women that have inspired me in my life I can think of the women in my family but mostly the one that stands out it my mom.   I can only hope to be as good of a mom to my kids as she was (is) to me.  She raised me to look at the heart of people not the outside appearance.  She taught me to believe in myself and never tell yourself that something cannot be done.  My mom is my hero for so many reasons. 

My mom  always believed in me and encouraged me no matter the circumstance. What she has taught me I am teaching my five children. It does not matter what others think.  Many times my children have been down or upset because someone has called them a name or said something that is nice so kind and then I remember the encouragement by mother always gave me and pass those same kind words to my children.  My mom has impacted my life and she is now passing that legacy to my children . 


Family Dollar and Dove want you to show off your real beauty by giving you a chance to win a trip to New York City! Who wouldn’t want to go to New York City? To enter this contest simply take a picture or video of you with an inspiring woman in your family, using the hashtag #FDBeautyIs. 


To enter simply fill our the registration, and for extra entry snap a picture of you and an inspiring family member, then upload that picture to Twitter or Instagram.


Plus you can go to Family Dollar to save $2 instantly when you buy any 2 participating Dove items at Family Dollar. Offer available from 5/29–6/26. What a great time to stock up! 




So who inspires you, what photo will you submit?


 This is a sponsored post on behalf of Global Influence and Dove/Family Dollar. All views and opinions are our own.


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  1. My mom is so inspiring. She is handling cancer with dignity and grace!

  2. I use so many Dove products on a daily basis. They are gentle and work so well!

  3. I love the new Dove pistachio soaps I got at Mom2. The #beautyis campaigh is so great. Dove does a great job at making girls and women realize what it really means to be beautiful.

  4. My mom inspires me everyday as she battles dealing with celiac disease. I love Dove and use it everyday!

  5. I love dove shampoo. Thanks for the coupon info! I am glad you have a super mom!

  6. What a great picture!!! My Gram is who inspires me. I love Dove products, too!

  7. Love Dove products!! I have to say, my husband inspires me. He gives up so much for us.

  8. We only use Dove in the house.. I will print the ticket out..

  9. There are so many people that inspire me, it would be hard to choose just one!

  10. I really love Dove products, especially their hare care stuff! One of my favorite mouses for my curly hair is made by Dove and it is awesome!

  11. I love Dove for hosting this event! What a great way to honor those special women in our lives that helped us realize our true beauty!

  12. Ruby Ragar says:

    I love dove shampoo! I have been using it since 2007 and love what it’s done to my hair! I only wish I found it sooner.

  13. What an awesome giveaway. Sounds and looks like you have an awesome mom.

  14. You were raised well by your mother and she is truly a great inspiration by giving you the right values. I’m sure you’re also an inspiration to your children.

  15. I love Dove products and even use their deodorant. My mom is an inspiration to me as well.

  16. Ah she sounds amazing! Dove has a great campaign here. Beauty goes beyond “skin deep”, its in who you are as a person.

  17. Dove products are amazing, I’ve been using them for years and haven’t used another brand other than it.

  18. I love Dove’s soap. It has been being used in my family among the adults since I can remember.

  19. My girls are so inspiring to me! They teach me to stop and appreciate the beauty all around me every day!

  20. Dove has always been my go-to soap when I have an adult acne breakout or any other skin condition. I love the moisturizing properties.

  21. we love Dove products because they are quality and work–plus I love how the company represents real beauty

  22. I’m using Dove Products, and my family also. Dove is a great product.

  23. My Dad has always inspired me. What a great way to give back.

  24. Dove is a brand I trust and use most frequently! What a fantastic contest they’ve put together, too 🙂

  25. I actually do use DOVE…but since I live in NYC don;t need a trip there… unless they want to treat me to dinner and the theater

  26. Maria Oller says:

    Even when my mom is not longer with me there is not other other person who inspired me so much as mom and as person

  27. michele d says:

    Love Dove Soap. It’s been a staple brand in most households for years. I really prefer the liquid over the bar.

  28. My mom was my inspiration too! I really enjoy Dove products. I have a bathroom full of them.

  29. My mom has always been a huge inspiration for me. And we both love Dove!

  30. I love Dove products but I had no idea they could be purchased at Family Dollar – and I enjoy a good coupon so this is awesome!

  31. Your mom is quite an inspiration. Thank you for sharing her story. I chose to submit a photo of me and my Gma! I am so excited that Dove is giving us this opportunity!

  32. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My daughters actually inspire me! I love the things that they come up with.

  33. melissa says:

    We love Dove products here. My mom has also been a huge inspiration for me!

  34. A lot of people inspire me, it won’t be easy to choose but top of mind … my mom inspires me in so many ways.

  35. katrina G says:

    I love dove products, great coupon 🙂

  36. Sweet post about your mom and great offer. Sounds like you learned a lot from her.

  37. I love Dove shop… thanks for the coupon

  38. I so love dove since i was a kid!

  39. I love hearing positive things about parents. Thanks for sharing about your mom!

  40. Angela S says:

    I am also very close to my Mom and admire her so much. I absolutely love this blog post and the campaign!

  41. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I love Dove products and purchase them frequently. Love this contest!

  42. I already love Dove because they’re products really are great. But their messaging is some of the best around from brands.

  43. Wow I didn’t know Family Dollar carried Dove products. I will be checking them out…they are always less expensive.

  44. This looks like a great campaign! Our mothers play such an important role in our lives.

  45. My mom is inspirational to me as well. She has so many success stories in her life where people thought she would have had failures – and that should be enough inspiration – but even then she inspires other girls and women to be bold, brave and successful. She’s always taught my sisters and I to never know a stranger in need. I think that is how I developed or maybe even inherited my service and hospitality characteristics. I hope I can inspire my daughter in some small way in her life.

  46. I would definitely submit a photo of my sister and I. She inspires me every day with the choices she makes and the things she takes on.

  47. I find inspiration all over the place! My mother and father have been there for me for my entire life. My husband, he is my rock in the storm. My children; seeing the world through their eyes inspires me many times a day. Inspiration is all around…

  48. Great picture of you and your mom. I would totally have submitted a photo of my mom and I as well or maybe my cousin and I.

  49. I sure wouldn’t mind a trip to New York City. That sounds like a lot of fun.

  50. Elisebet F says:

    I’ll have to look for a photo of my mom and I together. We don’t live anywhere near each other, so an old picture will have to do! I love how Dove products smell.

  51. Dove is always the best – such a lovely post you have here!

  52. Awh! Such a cute post for your mother to read.
    I am not a Dove user, as we prefer organic in this household, but I always love their advertisements, campaigns and charity work!
    Stopping by to say hi from the Blogger FB page 🙂

    Alysia, from the Dish

  53. Dove is such a great product, we have been using it for years. They always have such great campaigns!

  54. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive mother. I’m sure she is bursting with pride after reading how much she has made an impression on your life! I don’t have a woman in my life that inspires me other than myself (not in an arrogant way), but I draw that inspiration from my Husband and my baby boys. I strive to be the best person I can possibly be so I can be a role model for my boys and a supportive wife for my Husband.

  55. A very good friend of mine inspires me. She’s very much like my husband’s Mom. A great example in faith.

  56. I love love love Dove. That is all

  57. I have been using Dove products forever. I find them affordable, but most important, they perform as promised. Using the soap leaves my skin so soft and smooth. I love the fragrance.

  58. omg! i want to go to new york city to! so near yet so far! nice idea for dove and to promote love for mothers!

  59. I Love Dove! I love their plain white bars of soap and their Aloe body wash. OMG I might have to head to Walgreens right now. I love their white soap bars sooo much!

  60. My husband inspires me. He is so positive about most anything in life and helps me see things much differently, especially when I’m angry. But he brings out just the good in our family.

  61. michelle crooks rattan says:

    I love using Dove Products. Thanks for sharing

  62. Dove products are amazing, I would have to say that my mom is inspirational. Last year, she battled a lot with very low blood counts, cursed with a blood disease, it was very scary, but now her counts are above normal which is amazing, I don’t know what I would do without her.

  63. I love Dove soap. I have thyroid and used to have dry skin. Dove is the only soap, that doesnt let my skin dry

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