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I enjoy reading but with 5 children, homeschooling and taking care of daily tasks it is almost impossible! I make sure I get up and do my daily Bible devotionals before the crazy day begins.  Other than my Bible and the kids homeschool curriculum or books to my kids that is about the jest of reading time allows me to do until I was given The Waiting. I could not put this book down, I was hooked!


the waiting




The Waiting: Is a true story of a lost Child, Lifetime of Longing, and a Miracle for a Mother Who Never Gave Up.


In 1928, 16-year-old Minka was on a church picnic in the woods when she was assaulted and raped. And suddenly this innocent farm girl—who still thought the stork brought babies—was pregnant. The baby was secretly born, named Betty Jane, and placed for adoption.


Decades went by and Minka wrote letters trying to get news of her daughter. With little information about Betty Jane she kept loving and praying for her even though she never dared believe they would meet again. Until nearly eighty years later when Minka whispered her secret, impossible prayer for the first time: Lord, I’d like to see Betty Jane before I die. I promise I won’t bother her or interrupt her life. I just want to lay eyes on her.  God answered her prayer in an unbelievable way. Unbeknownst to Minka, that very same day, a judge was releasing the sealed adoption records to her 77-year-old daughter. And soon, Minka’s phone would ring it was her grandson, Brian which she had never met before. There sparks the reunion that Minka had always wanted! 




I do not think I have cried so hard reading a book before. My heart broke for Minka but once her and Ruth “Betty Jane” were reunited I was thrilled and I couldn’t read the words fast enough on the pages to follow to see what happened next! I found this story so heartfelt and encouraging as I read about what Minka endured throughout her life and how much she leaned on God through the good and bad times. It was a great reminder that there is hope! 

the waiting

The Waiting was written by (Minka’s granddaughter; Cathy LaGrow, The Waiting brings three generations of this unique family together over the course of a century to tell a story of faith that triumphs, forgiveness that sets us free, and love that never forgets. An unforgettable true story of enduring love and the power of prayer.


You can watch the interview with Minka and her daughter on The Today Show. The book is available for purchase at Amazon, Christian book retailers and/or other book stores. 


Tyndale House Publishers is generously offering 5 copies of The Waiting to 5 of my readers! Enter to win a copy by entering on the below Rafflecopter form to enter for a chance to win.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Open to the US, ages 18+.   

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 This is a sponsored post on behalf of Tyndale House Publishers and their PR Company.  All views and opinions are our own.  


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  1. I love it when I find a book that I just cannot put down. I’m adding this one to my list.

  2. What an amazing story. I’m sure I would cry through that book, though.

  3. Sounds like a touching story, I’ll think of this one next time I’m getting a book. Hopefully soon!

  4. Wow! This sounds like a beautiful book… got to add it to my “must read” list!

  5. What an amazing story! I think I would probably need a couple boxes of tissues next to me as I read this one! Such a powerful message as well!

  6. Sounds like an amazing story. Not sure if I should pick it up for risk of crying all day. LOL! Sounds too good to pass up.

  7. This looks like such a great book! I saw this story on the Today show. Just goes to show that you should never give up! I honestly thought the story would have a sad ending, and it is amazing that they reconnected so late in life!

  8. Such an inspiration story. A mother’s love continues throughout her lifetime, even when she was not able to be physically present. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  9. I was adopted and at a time when records were still sealed. I have never really wanted to meet my birth mother as I was lucky enough to have loving adoptive parents, but often kind of wonder. This book would certainly resonate with me.

    • It was me that helped my mom find Minka in The Waiting. We were merely looking for medical related information. Mom had a great upbringing and never had a desire to look for her birth parents. Her adoptive parents were great people but they had been gone for over 30 years when we petitioned to have the file unsealed. Not all stories end this way, but it’s been a blessing to now get to know Minka.

      • Thank you Brian for your comment. I love this story and what a blessing your family is. I have an aunt that was adopted, my grandparents put her up for adoption and they took it to their grave. About 10 years ago our family found out about this child, we were shocked.

        Thank you for your comment,
        Nicole w/ Mama to 5 Blessings

  10. That sounds like a very emotional and great story. Thanks for the review. I’ll keep my eyes open for interviews and the book.

  11. Adoption stories are always so dear to my heart. I wish I lived in the states so I can enter to win but since I can’t I’ll just have to see if my bookstore has it. That story looks amazing!

  12. This sounds like such a wonderful book. I’d love to get it for my BFF who is due with twins this month! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Nice review. I have to head over to my library soon to check out some new books.

  14. lisa jones says:

    Looks like my kind of read can’t wait to get the book thanks for the giveaway!

  15. This sounds like an amazing book! I’m heading out on vacation next week – I need to download it for my iPad before hoping on the plane. – Katy

  16. felecia says:

    It has encouraged to have faith.

  17. felecia says:

    It has encouraged me to have faith.

  18. What a story. How sad for her to have been assaulted like that especially in a time when women were not treated well after a rape. I’m so glad it worked out for her in the end.

  19. What an amazing story. My SIL was born to my 16 year old MIL and given up for adoption against my MIL’s wishes. They were finally reunited about 50 years later… but 77 years, WOW

  20. Wow this sounds like such a beautiful story and I’ll be adding it to my never ending reading list!

  21. Yup, this definitely sounds like a book I’d need several boxes of tissue to read! LOL
    I’m such a big cry baby ^.^

  22. That sounds like a wonderful book, but like you – I have no time to read, either.

  23. Looks like a reallly good read! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. That sounds like such an awesome book! I’d love to read it.

  25. Now this is my kind of book. Something uplifting to the spirit. I’ll check this out!

  26. This sounds wonderful. Made my heart happy just hearing about it!

  27. This sounds like such a touching book! I am definitely adding it to my ever-growing reading list.

  28. I love to read 🙂 This sounds like a tear jearker book to read and amazing story. I might need a tissue near me while reading this book 🙂

  29. I have no time at all to read but this book sounds so heart wrenching!!!

  30. This review reminds me that God always loves us and cares for us.

  31. Just reading this review made me want to cry. This sounds like a really moving story.

  32. This sounds like a book that needs to be on my “must” read list. It sounds like a great story. I love it when I cry while reading a good.

  33. As an adoptive Mom, I always pray for my daughter’s birth mother and wish her peace that hopefully she knows that our girl is very very loved!

  34. You got me hooked. I have to get this book! It sounds so incredible and a story I would absolutely love. Thank you so much and now off to Amazon to do the buying part, lol

  35. I can not even believe this, what an amazing story. As a mother I know reading this would not be easy but the ending is beautiful I’m sure.

  36. I’m looking for summer reads, this may need to be added to the list! Sound like a great book!

  37. Maria Oller says:

    What wonderful story I need to read this book, I don’t I could give up either if one of my kids gets lost , thanks for the excerpt and the giveaway.

  38. This sounds heartbreaking, but also really good! I could definitely set aside a few hours for an inspirational book like this. Heading to Amazon!

  39. Wow, what an incredibly moving and heartbreaking story – I am so glad to see that photo of them finally reunited. Thanks for introducing me to this author and her family’s story.

  40. Looks like an interesting book with such an inspirational story. thanks for sharing

  41. I better get my box of tissues ready for this one. I have no doubt it’ll bring me to tears too.

  42. This book sounds really good. I will definitely add it to my list!

  43. Diane Cooper says:

    I wish I had this book in my hands right now! I have got to read this book soon!

  44. OMGosh I don’t think I can read this, I’m sitting here crying RIGHT NOW just reading this. What a story! I LOVE their picture above, OMGosh.

  45. This is a very inspiring story and a good book to have.

  46. Well since I do not have 5 children and I am finally finished with college, I do have some time to read and I am always looking for the next great book! Thanks for this great review!!

  47. flipper14 says:

    I’ve had the opportunity to read the book and it’s tremendous. The story is remarkable and the book is very well written. I can’t say enough good things about this book.

  48. June S. says:

    What a truly amazing story for the whole family involved, I would love to read their heart warming journey through the start to the finish.

  49. This sounds like such encouraging story about how God works in his timing and hears the prayers of his people. What a great testimony that Minka has of hope and faith.

  50. Tara T. says:

    This sounds like it would definitely make me cry! I’d love to read this story.

  51. I just read this book for my Pre-Ap English class and its one of the best nonficiton books I have ever read. Im looking forward to reading more books like this!

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