DIY Homemade Oven Cleaner


Beware you are about to see some really filthy pictures………………… No not those kind of pictures, pictures of a really dirty oven which I have neglected to clean my in quite sometime. Even though it has self-cleaning I cannot stand how hot it gets and the smell of burned food. My cousin used the self-cleaning portion on her oven during Christmas and her racks shrunk! I thought about going to the store and getting  oven cleaner spray but over searching yes you guessed it Pinterest I found a cleaner I can make myself that is not harmful for our home!

oven cleaner button



8 Tsp. Baking Soda

8 Tsp. Dawn dish soap

6 Tsp. Vinegar


First in a big bowl (big because trust me this is almost like a science experiment as the baking soda and vinegar react with each other). Then SLOWLY add the vinegar and finally add the dish soap. With your fingers mix together – this will form a paste like material.

Take out your oven racks (you can clean them separately with the same solution when you are done cleaning the inside of the oven)

Do a thin coating of the mixture and allow to sit for 10 minutes.

oven cleaner 1


Then with a damp dish rag go over the mixture solution. I noticed that glass window on the oven door did not get clean so I added a drizzle of baking soda and vinegar and rubbed it into the glass with my hands and took a razor blade and scrapped off the grim.

oven window


Now I know my oven is not perfect but anything is better than what it looked like! I did not use a scrubby type of sponge I used a rag, next time I will use a scrubby sponge, I may get better results. I am happy with the results, this is my new oven cleaner! 

diy oven cleaner before after


What do you think?


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  1. OH I love that there aren’t a bunch of chemicals to breath in. So important with our asthma. Thanks for the hint!

  2. I need to try this. My oven needs some serious attention.

  3. Wow!!! The before and afters look amazing. I need to clean my oven as well, but I hate the smell of store bought oven cleaners. It’s like they take my breath away. I will definitely try your mixture after seeing your success!

  4. What a difference! I’ll have to keep this in mind for when it’s time to clean mine. It’s still in it’s “new” phase and has only been used a dozen or so times since being installed but I want to keep it looking new!

  5. Oh nice, that really made a difference! Good inspiration for upcoming Spring cleaning, my oven could do with a cleaning.

  6. This does look so much better!! Thank you so much for posting this because my oven is dirty and I do not have a self-cleaning option on it. Plus I refuse to use those cleaners with the nasty chemicals.

  7. Thanks, my oven could use some help. I am all for the natural cleaners too!

  8. I’ll have to try this! It looks so much cleaner … and I love that its not full of crazy chemicals!

  9. I love seeing Dawn in your picture. As a #PGmom I have a love of Dawn. This science project is much safer to use in the house. Thanks for the tips. And no worries my oven looks just as yucky.

  10. Wow! (at the before and after shots!) I love using vinegar to clean… haven’t used it on my oven, but will need to try this!

  11. that’s what we use for our oven too! it’s not perfect but SO preferable to the nasty stuff on store shelves

  12. Judging from the before and after pictures, that cleaning mixture really did a good job removing that grease.

  13. Pretty good mama! I’ll have to try it on our oven.

  14. This is amazing! I have a very hard time using harsh chemicals as everyone in our household has a differing level of asthma and it’s just too irritating to use. Not only is this a great help to us at home, but I can use this for work (cleaning houses) too! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I hate the smell of my self cleaning oven running so I’m going to try your method next time!

  16. looks like it made a big difference! your oven looks much cleaner

  17. I hate to clean the oven (mostly because it scares me) but this looks like a great ‘substitution’ for the cleaners full of chemicals that I may just have to try it.

  18. oooooooh. This is exactly what I’ve needed. Thank you. Great post.

  19. That is a thing of beauty!! I may have to try that one mine.

  20. Wow, your oven looks so much better! It’s nice to find ways to clean things that don’t require a bunch of nasty chemicals.

  21. Wow, that made a huge difference. What an easy “recipe”, too, I have all those things on hand!

  22. That is a great way to get a clean oven without having to use the harsh chemicals. It gave some great results!

  23. That is great. I have all that right now and will give this a try! Thanks

  24. I am so glad you shared this! My oven has been through some crazy times during the holidays! I hate using cleaners that I can’t even breath around!

  25. I use this mixture all around the house because I hate the smell of commercial cleaners. Its works great!

  26. This is one I haven’t tried yet, and it looks like it does a pretty nice job. Thanks!

  27. It’s amazing what you can put together at home…..and that is one clean oven!

  28. I seriously thought I was looing at mine πŸ™‚ I use a very similar recipe, baking soda and vinegar and it works wonders.

  29. Looks like it worked fairly well! Especially for it being a more natural way to clean!

  30. Before and after pics are great considering that you didn’t have a scrubber. And no bad toxins!

  31. Wow, that turned out amazing! i was just thinking how much our oven needs to be cleaned. I love the products you used too. πŸ™‚

  32. I think you did a great job. I really need to do that for my oven. Oh wait, I mean I need my hubby to clean out the oven. I can tell him to try this new stuff for me LOL either way my oven can use a good cleaning

  33. I think my oven probably looks worse than that. We’re planning on replacing our kitchen appliances next month but if this will make a big difference in the way my stove looks maybe I can save some money

  34. Thanks for sharing! I really really need to clean my stove – mine looks so much worse than yours did at the beginning. πŸ™

  35. Ugh..that brought back some NASTY memories!
    I remember having to scrub my moms oven when I was in high school.
    One of the main reasons I purchased a self cleaning oven was because I hated scrubbing ovens. LOL
    but, I did it just like that and there is nothing comparable to a little elbow grease and baking soda for sure.

  36. Wow, what a difference! I love using baking soda and acv for everything but I didn’t know that you could clean the oven too – how cool!

  37. bookmarking– we need to clean my oven asap!!

  38. Im going to try this out… I love DIY cleaners!

  39. Oh that worked great, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to try this!

  40. Great effort Nicole. This will be helpful to many people!

  41. I think it looks great!! My oven is SO dirty and the Easy off stuff hurts my lungs!! Trying this for sure!! Love Blue Dawn!

  42. Yes! This is very effective! I use this especially on things I can’t or shouldn’t be scrubbing!

  43. Wow that sounds so easy and doable! I have to do this to my oven too b/c I put off buying those hard chemical cleaners!

  44. Speaking of oven cleaning that is definitely something that I need to do. It is one of the appliances that I hate cleaning other than the microwave. I will definitely have to try your diy oven cleaner.

  45. luv it! Lessen the amount of chemicals used, lessen the amount of chemical exposure. Have you tried using dr bronners liquid castile soap instead of dawn?? keep the great ideas coming.

  46. My oven looks awful–I need to try this! Pinning right now!

  47. Thanks so much for sharing this at Grace at Home! I’ve pinned it and I’m going to try this myself!

  48. christine jessamine says:

    Thank you for sharing! I have been looking for something just like this for my oven

  49. I’m totally going to try this! Like today! Thanks for linking up with us at the Create Link Inspire party! You were featured today!

  50. Thank you for this DIY Homemade Oven Cleaner recipe, I just need the ingredients now. I was just reading something similar on facebook, but you have laid it out better. Cheers πŸ™‚

  51. Wow, what a difference! I have to try it out! There are some nasty dirty spots in my oven that do not want to go away. Hope your DIY oven cleaner helps!

  52. I would totally try this. Thanks. I like Dawn also but I do already use baking soda and vinegar a lot for cleaning. Not sure I can find a razor blade for this but maybe.

  53. megan b says:

    I’ve tried the dawn with vinegar but not with baking soda. I have to try that.

  54. This is awesome timing for me! I have two ovens and they both need a cleaning desperately. One has a broken door so I don’t think I can use the self cleaning setting anyway. I’d much rather do this! Pinning!

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