Star Wars Pool Noodle Lightsaber – Boys Will Love!

My boys enjoy Star Wars, just like their father! Over the weekend our library had a Star Wars class for the kids, my kids attended. Here is a craft that they made — Pool Noodle Lightsaber
Pool Styrofoam Noodles
Silver Duct Tape
Black Electrical Tape
1 Red Circle Sticker
How to make it?
Cut the long pool noodle in half.
The wrap one end with silver duct tape four rows wide.
Next make your outline design with the black electrical tap, making two horizontal rows over the first duct tape wrap around and then do the vertical design stripes all the way around then wrap around horizontally at the very bottom.
Finally add the red circle sticker in the center of the first duct tape wrap.
Very easy to make and if you have boys they will love to “dual” each other and since it’s made of soft material no pain will be involved!
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  1. My son loves everything Star Wars! He would love this. Great idea.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love this so much! I want one for me and one or the hubs so I can teach him a lesson, lol!

  3. Such an easy craft, and a fun toy for the boys!

  4. I have four boys and know they would ALL love this! Maybe I’ll have to turn our leftover pool noodles into light sabers one day soon. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  5. MUCH better than the solution back in the late 70s/early 80s. We’d just smack each other with yardsticks and make lightsaber sounds! Happy May the Fourth Be With You.

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