Dr. Seuss turns 109 on March 1st. So we decided to have a Dr. Seuss week! Fun treats and crafts! Here are some of the Dr. Seuss books we read this week:
Cat in the Hat treat:
Fresh cut up strawberries
White chocolate pudding
Layer the glass alternating the strawberries and pudding to look like The Cat in the Hat’s hat!
 One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Hand print Fish craft
Supplies for craft:
Yellow Card stock (I chose yellow because that is the color of the outside of the book)
Red, white, green and blue paint
 Hand print your child’s hands turning them into fish. We traced the outside of the hand print and added the gill and fish faces to ours and then the kids (except for my 2 year old) wrote the name of the book on the paper next to each corresponding fish.
 Cat in the Hat (Thing 1, Thing 2 popsicle stick magnets)
Popsicle Sticks (red, I had colored ones I purchased or you can have your child paint them red)
Cotton balls
Black Sharpie, Glue, Scissors
Card stock
Small Googly Eyes
First take the cotton and stretch it out so it looks like crazy hair like Thing 1 / Thing 2 then put a dab of blue paint on your child’s finger and have them paint the “hair” (cotton)
I get business magnet cards in the mail that I save for crafts, I cut in long strips and glue to the back of the Popsicle stick. Let dry for a few moments.
Then have the child glue the cotton ball hair and googly eyes to the front of the Popsicle stick. Add a smile with the Sharpie.
I cut out circles and wrote Thing 1 thru Thing 5 (because soon we will have 5 children) then the kids glue them to the front of the Popsicle stick. Let dry and then placed on our fridge!
My son came up with the idea to make the Truffla Tree from the Lorax all by himself and made all by himself.

Yellow Popsicle Stick
Brown & Black Sharpie
Stretched cotton ball to look like the top of the Truffla Tree
Orange Paint

My son colored the Popsicle stick brown and them drew black strips on it, painted the stretched out cotton ball orange and then glued it to the Popsicle stick.


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