Wicked Big Bibs are the creative and clever designers and makers of the Monster Mess Bibs are uniquely designed to give maximum coverage to protect your little ones clothing. It covers the child from neck to knee and is wider than average bibs. The design also helps keep the bib in place while the child is buckled into a booster seat or high chair. The Monster Mess Duo bib comes in a variety of trendy patterns, so your child can look stylish and keep clean at the same time! Wicked Big Bibs also stand up to washing machines and clothes dryers.

I love how this bib covers my baby’s full body – because like most little one’s he is a messy eater! The split between the legs is perfect for being buckled in a booster or highchair seat or like I do most of the time, feed him on my lap or couch. Typically when I have put bibs on him in the past he rips them off but he didn’t mind his Monster Mess Bib! Easy to use – no snaps or ties – quick Velcro closure! Plus it’s reversible! So if one side gets dirty you can do what I do flip it over use again then wash!  PLUS it’s no plastic or vinyl like some larger bibs on the market are – so my littles are not breathing toxic chemicals while wearing this bib! What a brilliant invention! Every mom with little ones should have this bib!
You can purchase the Monster Mess Bib for $18.99 directly from Wicked Big Bibs.
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