For 1st grade, preschool and toddler!
Here are a few Nativity activities and crafts we have done for last week and this week:
Toilet paper Nativity – I printed off of Catholic Icing
My 2 older boys, daughter  and I did this together! I glued each of the toilet paper rolls to the bottom of a big piece of card stock and put it on a try next to our Christmas tree.
I set up the kids wooden nativity set, took a picture of it – printed the picture, took the Nativity set apart and had them set it up by looking at the picture. It was a great follow directions activity. The boys worked together as a team.

With the same wooden Nativity set I placed the pieces in a sensory box with shredded paper for my toddler to find.

With preschool packs I printed off last year from 1+1+1=1, my 2 year old was able to do a few things out of it – place the people and animals in the correct locations and place the largest to the smallest.

While my preschooler worked on his preschool pack from Over the Big Moon.

For the number matching I used tops from baby food pouches and then wrote the number in the center.

With our homeschool group we went to 2 nursing homes to sing to the elderly. My 2 and 4 year old made little cards to pass out after the kids sang to them.
 We used blank buisness card cut outs, the little ones colored them and then they used stamps to decorate them.
Here are pictures of my boys at the nursing home, my 6 year old read a verse while my 4 year old held a letter. At the end all the children holding letter stood next to each other in a line so all the letters spelled out Jesus is our gift.
Then we held this up at the end of the kids singing Happy Birthday Jesus!


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