Here are some more fun Christmas crafts we have done this week:
My 4 year old’s CBS class made this – isn’t it adorable!
 Hand print Christmas tree’s
Popsicle stick Christmas tree’s – painted the sticks and then glued little beads to the top
This is my favorite – my 2 boys made these in their Little Contenders – Keeper of the Faith class, they gave the kids blocks of wood to draw Mary, Joseph,Baby Jesus, a sheep and a donkey, they had the kids make the back drop out of construction paper and the stars out of tissue paper, all set in a shoe box.
This one is my 4 year old’s he colored the blocks and not really able to draw what they requested so when we got home I printed him off the parts for him to color and glue onto his blocks
This one is my 6 year old’s Nativity set – I love it! It’s something that I will never throw away! Precious! They are both underneath our Christmas tree where they will be every year!

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