I will admit I hate to though things away because I think to myself, what can I use this for?
When we were done with our Valentine’s Day goodies, I looked at the packaging they came in and decided to use them in our Montessori schooling after cleaning them out.
My 1 year old I gave her the 2 piece heart boxes for her to put them together (good for hand & eye coordination)
Than for my 3 year old using paint swatches from the home improvement store and a candy box with the individual candy openings, I made him a shape match, I used the paint swatches and made the shapes that match the individual openings of the inner tray.

He likes this very much, I asked him the shapes & colors as he placed each one in the proper opening.

What do you have that can be recycled to use to teach your child, doesn’t have to be a Valentine’s Day box, it can be anything — let your creative juices flow!


  1. Oh wow what a great idea! I am going to def try this out with my little one. LOL I am the same way when it comes to throwing things out. We have a “junk closet” that holds all my things like this for crafts, etc. My family makes fun of me saying I’m going to turn into one of those hoarders lol.

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  2. Great ideas!


  4. What AWESOME ideas!!!

  5. Very creative!!

  6. what great ideas! they make me hungry though!

  7. goodness – the SMARTEST thing I’ve ever seen for chocolates – besides the chocolate!!

    GREAT JOB! Thanks for linking up to THE HSV!!

  8. Those are great ideas! Thanks for taking pictures and sharing them.


  9. Very cute idea. I will pass it along.
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  10. Very good idea!

  11. What a great idea! I love reusing things for schooling.

  12. What a clever idea! Thank you for sharing!

  13. So clever and creative!

  14. Good fun learning toy!

  15. what a great idea! thanks for sharing! I love reusing items instead of just wasting them

  16. Love the shape matching in the candy box – how original! Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday. 🙂

  17. Really wonderful packaging design – some of them look almost like they’re should be like this. I am showing appreciation to you for sharing this information I am looking into these types of packaging design from a long time.

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