Up-Cycled Tic-Tac Earbud Container


My family likes to go camping.  We used to go one time a year but after we purchased our camper we have gone more than one time a year.  Our days are full of outside activities, enjoying the fresh air and each other’s company.  It’s a great time for our family to get unplugged. No electronics during the day is our rule.  At night when it’s close to bedtime I do not mind if the kids play a few games or watch movies on their tablets.  I typically do not use my tablet because it was so outdated but my husband got a great deal on a tablet so he bought it for me for Christmas so I had him add a few movies to it so at night I could watch movies here in there in our dark quite camper in the evenings. 


I have always fallen asleep quicker to watching t.v. so I was thrilled to be able to watch movies on my tablet instead of just laying in the dark trying to fall asleep listening to all the outdoor noises from our camper.  Wanting a bit of privacy and quiet I needed earbuds but like I mentioned I hardly ever used my tablet so it was easy for my earbuds to get misplaced.  Thankfully my husband had an extra pair he gave me but I did not want to misplace them so I made a case just for them using a Tic-Tac container! 

Materials Needed:

Empty Tic-Tac Container 

Washi Tape

Mod Podge

Small Paint brush


First after all the Tic Tacs were eaten I cleaned out the inside of the container so there would not be any sticky residue. Next I removed all the the Tic-Tac stickers on the container. Then I used two different Washi tape’s which I alternated by row as I wrapped the tape around the outside container until the whole outside container was covered.  The top portion I used a single piece of Washi tape over the top.  When the whole container was covered in Washi tape I used Mod Podge to coat over the tape to seal it so that the ends would not come loose.

Now I will not lose my earbuds on our camping trip! They fit nice and snug in the Tic-Tac container that is mutli-functional and did not have the heart to throw away!  How have you up-cycled containers? 


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  1. What a clever (and cute) idea!

  2. robin rue says:

    That is such a cool idea. I never would have thought to do this, but now I want to make one for my 13 year old.

  3. That is such a genius idea! I can’t tell you how much time I waste looking for my earbud, untangling them, or a combination of both. I have to do this today!

  4. Love this idea! My kids love tic tacs so I’ll go grab one of their containers right now!

  5. This is SUCH a good idea! I love the design you picked even! This would be a great way to travel with ear buds without loosing them in a bag! I am totally stealing this idea! 😉

  6. This is a great idea! I am always loosing my earbuds! I can’t tell you how much money I have lost!

  7. I am constantly losing my ear buds and need them when I work out at the gym. Those tic-tac containers are a great way to keep my earphones and it does not waste the plastic box.

  8. This is clever! I like the washi pattern you used for yours. It will be nice to keep my earbuds safe in my purse where they can’t unravel.

  9. Allison Cooper says:

    This is a super cute idea! Especially fun that kids get to personalize their design!

  10. Jenna M Wood says:

    I think earbuds are one of our most lost/destroyed items in this household- this is genius! We have used mint containers for smart storage like this in the past, too.

  11. This would be a great craft for my oldest daughter to make. She loves to work with washi tape.

  12. I love doing things like this! What a fun idea. I am totally going to do this because it’s perfect for organizing.

  13. I love organizational ideas like this. Seriously, they make life so much easier. I can’t wait to give this a try and get rid of some of the ear buds laying around. They get lost so easily without a place to put them.

  14. I am constantly getting my earbuds tangled so this looks like a perfect solution. I will definitely be making this container for myself. Maybe I can save money by replacing my earbuds less often.

  15. This is really a cute idea. I’m going to make a few of these for different people who lose their ear buds all the time. They know who they are…

  16. I keep losing my headphones and it is driving me CRAZY! I am going to try your DIY.

  17. I love this idea! Such a great way to upcycle tic-tac containers!

  18. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    This is a great idea! I could use one myself!

  19. I love this idea. I’ll have to make these for my daughters.

  20. I am always misplacing my earbuds. Time for me to buy some tic tacs and make this.

  21. That is a good idea! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

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