Shocking Pregnancy Surprises Within The Last 9 Months!

This pregnancy has been FULL of surprises.  First after miscarrying last June I was shocked and cautious when I found out in August we were pregnant again.  Then at week 19 I was told this baby was a girl and then 3 weeks later told the baby was a boy! That was a shock and took awhile to to wrap my head around the gender change

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A bit of background. This is our 6th baby which makes it my 6th c-section. When I went in for my 1st prenatal appointment for this pregnancy my OBGYN was horrified. She said when she performed my last c-section my uterus was very thin from all the previous c-sections. So I am considered high risk. Thankfully my OBGYN has been on top of things. A few weeks ago I had an ultrasound and I was told there was thinning and they were concerned of a rip or a uterine rupture. Instead of scheduling me for a c-section at 38 weeks they moved it up to 37 weeks so avoid any complications. Last week I went in for another ultrasound and I was told everything looked great and it had looked like my uterus got thicker. Yeah! That was an answer to prayers! 

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Yesterday was the biggest surprise of this pregnancy when my actual doctor came and got me out of the waiting room. All the years she has been my doctor she has never come and got me out of the waiting room. What was up? As she walked me into the back office the coordinator was on the phone with the hospital rescheduling my c-section a week earlier than scheduled (36 weeks 2 days).  I was in shock when she told me that after the other doctor had finished my last ultrasound she continued to look at the photo’s and discovered that my uterus had a small area that was missing muscle and a thin piece of membrane was keeping that area in tact. To be safe they were moving my c-section up to avoid any complications. 


That week makes a difference to a developing baby.  My concern is his lungs which are the last thing to form.  So my prayer is that this baby will be healthy and strong and will have no complications what so ever and that my body holds up the next week. Definitely a leap of faith because after all there is nothing I can do about any of this and it is God who is in control! 


Have you ever had any pregnancy surprises? 



  1. I’ve had plenty of pregnancy surprises! They told me that my youngest daughter was a boy! Although I already knew she was a girl. Prayers for a safe delivery.

  2. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t imagine thinking I was having a girl then finding out it was a boy… oh my goodness, how crazy. I went through a Miscarriage as well and know how hard the following pregnancy can be on you emotionally. I am glad things are going well and can’t wait to hear more.

  3. I never had any pregnancy thank goodness, but thanks for sharing your story. God is in control!

  4. I will be sending up prayers for strong lungs as well – I’m sure all will be fine! Not many surprises with my four- other than the surprise of finding out we were having twins.

  5. Michele@ Family, Faith and Fridays says:

    Praying for you Nicole and your sweet baby boy!

  6. Hope everything goes smoothly! were all your c-sections medical emergencies?
    I only ask because where I’m from its the absolute last option and usually only offered in a real, medical emergency. I couldn’t imagine having 6! So it makes me very curious in other Countries and places what they do – I am sure all will be well and this delivery will go very smoothly!

    • No Jeanine, With my 1st his head was too big and he would not come out and then after that doctors typically will not do a vaginal birth, they will continue to do c-sections.

  7. Wow! Congratulations! That would be crazy to prepare for one gender and have to change up thinking, closing, preparations and everything for the other gender!

  8. Oh prayers that all goes well and your baby is born strong and healthy.
    We had a nice surprise with our baby girl last September. I went in for a regular check up (on my birthday) and the doctor didn’t like the baby’s heart rate. So long story short after a few hours of monitoring, I ended up being admitted into the hospital for an emergency inducement. That was a shocker. We had already planned an inducement for 7 days later when family could be around to take care of the other kids. I thought I still had another 7 day to finish getting ready. Boy was I wrong.

    • Amber thank you. It’s funny how every pregnancy is different! Never seems to work out the way you think it will!

  9. Congrats, that’s so exciting! I can’t imagine the surprise thinking it was one gender and finding out it was the other!

  10. I don’t think that I have ever really had any pregnancy surprises. Congrats to you though! When I had my first daughter they had to keep her for about ten days. She had surgery at about 3 days old as well. It was tough, but everything went great.

  11. Ryan Escat says:

    I pray for your safety and for the safety of the baby also. Be more careful.

  12. Amy Desrosiers says:

    God is so good! I had a trillion pregnancy surprises with my first. Low amnio fluid, huge baby, hypertension. I was hospitalized twice…so much stuff. My daughter was born healthy, but when they did the epi, the put it in the wrong space, and I needed a blood patch to fill my spinal cavity. Even after such a tough first baby I went for two more and did not really have many issues. My second was born a month preemie at 36 weeks and needed to stay under the lights. The third was a breeze!

  13. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I developed Gestational Diabetes when i was pregnant with my Daughter. I hope this week goes well for you and your baby. I can not wait to see some baby photos.

  14. I can not imagine being told the baby was a boy when you were already expecting a girl. I will keep your family in my prayers for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

  15. Pregnancy is full of surprises good and is nice that you had a good surprise to report.

  16. With all the technology around these days, I don’t see any problems at all! I have had friends whose babies were born at 32 weeks and were perfectly fine after a week or two in an incubator 🙂

    You are going to do great!

  17. Wow! What a roller coaster ridge for you. We actually lost a baby and found we were pregnant very soon after. Long story short, we found we had lost a twin and the baby we were “expecting” was the surviving twin. What a happy (and strange) surprise!

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