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My family joined a new homeschool group this year which, has been really helpful.  I have found it more challenging as I am now homeschooling 4 children! One of the exciting changes taking place in our homeschooling is that we will be doing a full day of homeschooling outside of our home with other homeschoolers.  My kids have many advantages by learning in this homeschool community.  Our group  is quite large as many of us have several children.  There is an expense to participate in this group so our group looks for ways to help cover some of fee’s.  One of those ways is with Box Tops. 

Hefty, Box Tops

Typically each Box Top is worth 10 cents and schools can earn up to $20,000 every year by clipping Box Tops from hundreds of participating products including Hefty which, is the only trash bag to offer Box Tops For Education. 

Hefty, Box Tops

The great thing is that since we are such a large family we collect Box Tops quickly! My kids enjoy helping by doing their part which, is cutting the Box Tops off the product packaging and storing them in our collection jar. Once we have enough in our jar we turn them into our homeschool group director who then sends them in to Box Tops so that we can use them for our group’s needs such as supplies and tacitly fee’s.  

Hefty, Box Tops

You can help to contribute more money for child’s school by collecting Box Tops because school’s are always in need of school supplies and other school related educational items. Watch this video from educators who agree. 

As of now Hefty has donated over $3.5 million to schools through the Box Tops for Education program. For a limited time, select Hefty trash bag packages have FOUR Box Top coupons per package instead of one! 

Hefty, Box Tops

Does your family contribute to the Box Tops For Education program? If so, why not help to contribute more money for your child’s school by purchasing the Hefty products with 4 Box Tops?


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    We always save Box Tops. Our school raises thousands each year from people collecting them and sending them in!

  2. We save our boxtops. So many GM products going through my house, so why not! Plus like you said, they help the school. I love the picture of your little clan on their first day of school!

  3. We don’t have the Box Top program here in Canada but it sounds like an amazing program. Every little bit helps too!

  4. I’m an 8th grade homeroom teacher this year for the first time and we are always reminding the kids to bring in their boxtops! It’s great how much they can really help the schools. – Katy

  5. We only use Hefty! I just replaced them. Never seen lavender vanilla, though!
    We’re totally saving Box Tops now that my older kid is in school. Very awesome.

  6. I always cut these out as soon as I notice them on the boxes!

  7. Catherine S says:

    It is great that you have a homeschool group to do activities with. I know homeschooling one kid was a lot of work for me.

  8. Yes we do save Box Tops for our school. We always buy Hefty and other brands so we can support schools, great program.

  9. We collect Box Tops every year and give to our school. What a great program!

  10. What an awesome way to help your homeschool group. Those Box Tops are on a lot of products so it’s easy to save a lot of them!

  11. I love that some companies spend so much time trying to help out the community, this sounds like a lovely way to help your school. x

  12. We have saved Box Tops for years. It is a great way to help schools.

  13. We love that Hefty supports Box Tops! They are crucial for schools for sure!

  14. Its amazing how much money can be made from clipping Box Tops … I like the idea of this Program

  15. I love that Hefty is doing this. The Box Tops campaign has done so much for schools.

  16. I recently noticed that Hefty now has Box Tops on them. I love it! We turn in Box Tops at my daughter’s school.

  17. I’ve been homeschooling for 6 years and I had no idea until this year that I could save box tops for my school!!

  18. We always save our Boxtops for the school. We live in a poorer district, so those Boxtops dollars really help to supplement much needed school supplies.

  19. We always buy Hefty trash bags. I didn’t even realize they had Box Tops, I’ll have to keep an eye out for them!

  20. This is really a great program and it is great that you can raise money for your own homeschooling program. I know that these box tops really help so many schools and it is really a great program. Heft is also my favorite garbage bag to use in our home.

  21. I love bonus box tops! That is awesome that homeschoolers can use them.

  22. I wish there was something like this where I live. I think it’s so great, and an amazing way for people and families to help! So very cool.

  23. I am a HUGE fan of the Box Tops program. When we were in public school, we always clipped our box tops. I did not know that they worked with homeschool groups! That is awesome. Yay for box tops and a big thank you to Hefty for being a part of the program!

  24. I am a HUGE fan of Box Tops. When we were in public school, we always clipped our box tops. I had no idea they worked with homeschool groups. That is awesome! A big thank you to Hefty for supporting the program.

  25. I had no idea that they were also available to Home School organizations. I think that is awesome that they are reaching and supporting all means of education.

  26. We are big supporters of the Box Tops program. We homeschool on and another is in public school.

  27. Our school participates in Box Tops and we are able to buy precious resources. It’s such a great program for schools.

  28. Our school participates in Box Tops. We have been able to get valuable resources because of it. Good for Hefty!

  29. We are collecting Box Tops for our school. It’s such a great way to support the school.

  30. Box Tops is a fantastic way to give back to your school. We collect ours until the jar is full then we hand them all in together.

  31. I always save my box tops. It’s an easy way to help the schools out.

  32. We are big supporters of the Box Tops Program! Wonderful things have been provided to my children’s schools thanks to this program, Hefty included!

  33. I love Hefty and it’s literally the only brand I buy! Your post just reminded me that I have over 100 Box Tops and need to turn them in before the holiday.

  34. I’m sad that the middle schools in our area don’t do BoxTops. Only the elementary schools do it. I miss it and it helps raise so much money for the schools.

  35. We have a habit of saving box tops over the years & give it to the local school so they could raise something out of it which could be so much helpful for them. I think it is the best way to give back to society & to the school where your kids study.

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