Our Family Out Of Lego’s (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky


My 6 year old daughter pulled out the Lego’s a few nights ago and built what I thought was the sweetest thing ever. She built our family in our home. Here is how she explained it to me.


Her 4 year old brother sat on the kitchen counter as her older brother helped her baby sister wash her hands, my husband was getting food out of the fridge, her 7 year old brother stood in the doorway, while I was pushing in the chair at the table she was sitting in. 

lego family

I know she is my daughter but I thought this was a clever scene. Everyone is working together and all in one place – team work!  Just how this mama to 5 likes it! 

Abi with Lego family


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How about your kids, what do they like to build out of Lego’s? 



  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Awww, she did an awesome job! We love building with Legos in our house, too.

  2. We are still in the duplo stage right now…but looks like we have lego fun ahead

  3. That is like music to my ears. Trying to get my two kids to work together most of the time is SO hard.

  4. Thanks for having the party, and for visiting #OMHGWW this week!
    Have a great week!

  5. My kids are into the star wars kits with lego and are currently building a “the ghost ship”.
    When I was a kid I made houses… Lots of houses!! Lol.

  6. Really cool. Looks like fun.

  7. That’s so sweet!

  8. Aww amazing! This is a fave toy in our household as well =)

  9. What a great scene to construct! We are Lego addicts over here. My son is almost 6 years old and we’ve stashed his entire collection of small Lego sets in his room. The Duplos hang out in the playroom where his almost 9 month old sister can get ahold of them. She mostly uses them for teething so far. 😉

  10. Fantastic builder! My kids don’t use legos often…only at Grandma’s house, even though we have them at home too, lol.

  11. My kids love playing with Lego Bricks too! They could spend hours creating!

  12. Wow she really added a lot of detail. I love that she even had a story to go along with it.

  13. Aww .. this is so sweet! Kids do some of the sweetest things at times when you need a pick up

  14. That is such a cute creation! My kids love legos, I should have them build our family out of legos to see what it looks like through their eyes!

  15. That’s a great statement of what she thinks of the family! Very sweet!

  16. Awww. What a wonderful creation!

  17. Aww, that is so nice that everyone is getting along and helping each other.

  18. My kids have fond memories of playing with legos.

  19. WOW legos have come a long way – I have not seen them in ages but this is fantastic – I bet kids have fun with all these new sets.

  20. Playing lego is so fun. This post makes me miss my childhood. 🙂

  21. This is so lovely. Lovely pics! My Wordless Wednesday I wish would be Wordless 🙂

  22. That looks great, what a clever little Miss you have. We love lego in our household too.

  23. That’s such a sweet scene!

  24. It’s so great that she posted the family together in the kitchen. My nephew (8) likes to build cars and anything having to do with vehicles.

  25. Wow she did a great job! we still us large blocks too but nothing so detailed yet!

  26. What a sweet girl. She did a great job and put a lot of thought into her placements.

  27. They dooo…so many times indeed :). My son loves that and he is sooo obsessed with big cars and structures 🙂

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