The Peeping Snake (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky



On occasion we see Black Racer snakes on our back patio. They slither across making their way to our back preserve area however, over the weekend this snake decided to stop and stare at the kids through our back sliding door. It sat there for awhile too until it slithered away and then came back and crawled up our glass sliding door about 2 feet and then went down and slithered away again! (I wish I got a photo of that, it happened too fast!)


snake 1


snake 2



What snakes do you see slithering in your yard? 


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  1. None. I am pleased to say there are no snakes in New Zealand, not even in the zoos.

  2. Eeep! Keep those snakes away from me!

  3. OMGosh I’m screaming on the inside right now!!

  4. Oh My, glad its you that found the snake, I sure dont like them.

  5. Ewwwww

  6. Seeing snakes in the yard is not foreign to me, but it doesn’t mean that I like it! Thanks for joining OMHG Wordless Wednesday.


  7. I am terrified of snakes! We see a lot in the lake we go swimming in and it freaks me out every time!

  8. Eek! My Ogre found one in the garage last weekend, but didn’t take its picture.

  9. Thank goodness we have a yard! We only have a small terrace. I am so scared of snakes!

  10. Nice black snake, I love them!

  11. I have not seen any snakes in my world. I see them on the trails I walk though.

  12. I love snakes and look for them every May as a kind of ritual around my birthday. No luck this year. Good find.

  13. Thankfully I’ve never had a close encounter with a snake. How scary!

  14. Oh, ick no! The couple of times I have come across a snake in the yard, I end up having nightmares about snakes. As far as I understand, the ones I see are not poisonous, but still.

  15. oh my goodness! CREEEPY!!

  16. I would totally flip a lid if I saw a snake like that in my yard!

  17. Eek, snakes, thankfully not many of them on the Isle of Man! Thank you for joining our Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday Link Party.. Have a great day, co-host Evija @Fromevijawithlove xx

  18. I hate snakes! It’s been a long time, since either DH or I spotted one of these belly crawling critters in our yard and that’s PERFECTLY fine by me. I. HATE. SNAKES! Did I already say that? I still get the willies every time I think about the time I stepped on a green snake in barefeet. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Both the snake and I went quickly in different directions. I’m not sure which was the scarier it or me. lol However, if I were on the other side of a class window, like y’all were then I’d run for my camera to snap a shot just because it would be a cool thing to do. Have a funtastic #WW!

    Elk sighting at Cataloochee #WW

  19. Now that we are traveling through state and national parks, we have seen grass snakes and (gulp) a copperhead. I am not much of a fan of snakes but my daughter loves them!

  20. I’m really glad not to see them at home in IL. I’ve got the creepy crawlies seeing yours.

    From Create w/Joy

  21. Yikes Snake! I would be screaming if I saw one.

  22. Ooooh, I love snakes! We actually live very close to one of North America’s largest garter snake dens. People come form miles around to see the snakes. It’s pretty awesome!

  23. WOW! You stumbled upon one magnificent creature. Nice pictures.

  24. I think we have garter snakes. Are those the black ones with the yellow stripes? One skittered almost across my foot last year in our back yard.

  25. woah! i hate snakes!

  26. thankfully I see no snakes slithering about in my yard, because then I would probably not be in my yard. LOL
    and we don’t even any poisonous snakes around here, they are all perfectly harmless – so I am not afraid. I just don’t like the idea of them surprising me when I am out there to relax.

    but I must admit, with his shiny black skin, he is kinda beautiful.

  27. I’m not a fan of snakes. Even the harmless ones.

  28. We always had lots of blue tongue lizards in our yard when we lived in the wheatbelt and were always nearly stepping on them. They also loved to live in our outside toilet so our kids were often moving them out before using the toilet.

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