10 Kids Water Activities For The Summer



I always tell people our summer consists of either activities indoors with the A/C because it gets super hot here in Florida and when we go outside it has to consist of water. If there is no water activity my kids are begging to get inside and honestly I do not blame them.  Here is some of our water fun activities during the summer! 

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Water balloon fights. Although I made it easier by getting  a water balloon pumping station – so worth the money! 


Many parks have water fountains to play in and if not pick up a good sprinkler and have the kids play in the yard all while watering your lawn at the same time! 


Homemade slip n’ slide! We do have a store bought one too BUT this works out great because it is wider. 


Perfect for little ones, outside put out measuring cups, a turkey baster and different size bowls with water and have the child pour the water from bowl to bowl. They are bound to make a mess all over themselves keeping them cool! 


When going to the beach bring a PVC free shower curtain liner and make a pool for littler ones to play in.  My aunt did this for my son a few years ago and I was amazed how much my son loved it. Easy to make, dig a hole in the sand, place the liner over the hold and pour water in from the ocean! 

 beach pool a

Buy a blow up pool, it’s almost summer and they seem to be on sale almost everywhere.  Be creative, maybe even put a sprinkler next to the pool with the water pouring on the kids.  If you do not have a pool in your backyard, most community pools are inexpensive to use.

 blow up pool

When it rains let the kids play in the rain! Safety tip though only if it is not lightening or thundering! 


Put out large buckets and containers for kids to fill, sit in and splash around in.  There are many my kids love to sit in and soak! 

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Head to the beach! Lakes or rivers are fun to swim in as long as you know what maybe lurking in them, alligators in lakes would be off limits for my family! I am amazed how many families do not mind them. 


Have the kids help you wash your car.  When my kids help me everyone winds up getting soaking wet and my van gets nice and clean! 


 What kind of water activities do your kids enjoy over the summer?  Please share! 


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    There is a free splash pad near us that we go to A LOT. You just have to get there early or there is no parking.

    • We have many of these also and your right we go early or later in the day when all the camp kids are gone or it’s way too busy!

  2. A home made slip n slide is a great idea! Who needs to shell out a ton of money when you’ve got water and a tarp!

  3. Ha – I’m glad to see my daughter isn’t the only one happy to just sit in a bucket and play, lol!

  4. I want to make a slip and slide for my kids. Sounds fun!!

  5. Danielle K says:

    These are all awesome ideas – I really love the shower curtain at the beach one. We live in Florida too and it’s hard to be outside during the summer.

  6. These are such GREAT ideas! I love the idea of digging a hole in the sand and using a shower curtain to make a mini pool for the babies. So fun!

  7. What fun! We love spending time at the local lake when it gets really hot here.

  8. Catherine S says:

    These all sound fun. We use to make a slip n slide in the front yard or turn on the sprinklers.

  9. Being a fellow Florida mommy, I’m sure we will be doing all of these sometime during the summer! Car washing is definitely a kid favorite in our house (and I don’t argue about getting a little help for a chore I don’t really like!)

  10. These are all great ideas. I love the washing car idea… I am due for a car wash and it would be great to put the kids to work, while we all have fun. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. My kids used to love blow up pools. They had so much fun in them.

  12. These are such cool ideas, I would love to make a slide for the kids. I just wish my yard was bigger for bigger fun!

  13. I like these fun activities. My kids would have been excited to go out in the rain too.

  14. Oh so fun! I’m looking forward to water activities with my kiddos. These are some great and fun ideas! I’ll have to try these too!

  15. My son loves playing in water! We always hit the pool, usually once a week or so. Other times we go to local splash pads and he just has a blast.

  16. I love your aunt’s idea about bringing the liner and making a pool for the little ones to play in. I bet that helps keep the younger kids entertained longer.

  17. We make a giant slip-n-slide at my inlaws that is nearly 200ft long! Big enough for adults too!

  18. We live in AZ so it’s crucial to stay cool every day! Water is a must! I love having my son play in the kiddie pool and at the splash pad!

  19. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My kids LOVE to play in the water too! I love the beach idea so much and will have to try it out.

  20. Great list. We love different ways to stay cool during the summer.

  21. Those are great ideas. My kids love to play in the water in the summer.

  22. Splash parks are so much fun, my daughter loves going to them and I love how much fun energy they burn.

  23. I love the idea of that shower liner pool for the really little ones. What a clever idea!

  24. I remember loving water balloon fights when I was little! These are all wonderful and inexpensive ideas!

  25. We have water guns and sprinklers. And we just got a new little kiddie pool to help keep the kids cool this summer with fun water activities. They are so excited.

  26. We have water guns and sprinklers. And we just got a new little kiddie pool to help keep the kids cool this summer with fun water activities. They are so excited. Oh we also have water balloons too!

  27. In Arizona, we live in the water or inside all summer. These are some good ideas here.

  28. Oh my goodness. I will totally have to get out the turkey baster for summer water fun now!! 🙂

  29. These are great ideas! Water balloon fights are always so much fun.

  30. What kid doesn’t like to play in water? I love these activities and wish I was young enough to participate.

  31. Those are awesome ideas. My kids love splashing in the water

  32. What a cool list. They look like they were enjoying them to the fullest.

  33. Water play for sure. We have a sprinkler head that gives different types of spray shots and the kids love it.

  34. These are all such great and creative ideas to have fun in the sun and the water this summer. I remember a homemade slip and slide my Dad made for us way back in the 60s. It was so much fun. I think little ones love helping with car washes too!

  35. Great ideas! We actually have that exact same blow up pool. Our kids love playing in the water.

  36. This is an amazing list. My kids love splashing in the water to keep cool

  37. I love these ideas! The kids love getting wet 🙂

  38. We love the sprinklers at the park because they are so refreshing during the summer. Water activities are the best part of summer vacation.

  39. These are fantastic ideas for the kids to play in the summer. My kids love to play with water. We set up a big water slide every summer.

  40. The homemade slip and slide has always been a favorite in my family. The kids can do this for hours! It keeps them nice and cool when we can’t go to the pool or beach.

  41. We like to do an alternative take on an Easter Egg Hunt. Instead of eggs, hide water balloons, squirt guns, silly string etc. Its a hunt and a battle all rolled into one. Plus the more kids you get the more fun to watch and play.

  42. I love the shower curtain beach idea!! SO creative and fun!

  43. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says:

    When we lived in Vegas, splash pads were the key! I need to teach my little guy to swim so we can start having pool fun!

  44. Our best water activity is the beach or waterpark. We try to conserve water here, but do fill up the pool form time to time.

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