Learning About Spiders With Crafts & Activities (Learn & Link With Linky)


Every Thursday in at our homeschool co-op I teach the kindergartners mini unit studies using Bugs to Bunnies while the older kids are being taught anatomy. This week we a learning about spiders. 


Since they are mostly made up of five year old’s I have to come up with fun hands on activities for them to do while they are learning.

spider activities

Masking Tape Spider Web

 Using masking tape I made a “spider web” with sticky side facing outwards taping it to the chairs, you could tape it up higher in the corner of the room but since we do our co-op in my church I did not want to peel off any of the paint on the walls from the tape plus I wanted the web lower for them to be able to have a closer shot. Next I gave the kids paper for them to wad up into paper balls which were their “insects”.  They were to throw they “insects” into the spider web.  


spider web game



Finger Print Spiders

Using different color ink pads the kids pressed their fingers into the ink and printed them onto the paper. Once they dried they drew legs, eyes, fangs and silk from their spinnerets. Many of them ballooning throughout the page. On a side note do not use black ink pads unless you are going to use googley eyes for the eyes. 


spider finger prints


Paper Plate Spider Webs

 This craft was great for hand and eye coordination. In the paper plates I hole punched holes around the outside of the plates. I cut pieces of yarn long enough to thread throw the holds in the plates forming a web. Then I gave them small spiders to color and glue into their webs.


spider web plate a


What spider crafts have you made with your children or in homeschool co-ops? 



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  1. Wow what a fun project. I bet the kids had fun!

  2. How adorable! My girls would have loved this in the younger years, I’m bookmarking for when I babysit my bff’s wee toddler

  3. Those are fun craft ideas. Maybe they would teach my kids to be less scared of them, too.

  4. I love the spider tape idea! My kids would love to do that to our living room.

  5. This brought back memories of my kids and their neighbor friend completely covering our living room in red yarn because they were building spider webs. It was so massive that it took two days to clip and clean it all up, but what fun they had!! It was worth the clean up, and we weren’t even doing a school project. LOL Great post!

  6. Ok, that spider web with masking tape it the cutest thing. I think once I get my living room back together, we will be making one

  7. Great activities! My son would love the paper plate craft.

  8. We used to do the tape thing to dorm mates in college! Nothing like seeing them wake up hungover and then walking into the tape. We used the stickiest we could find!

  9. Those are really cute activities, but spiders?! Oh man, it’s only paper! It’s only paper!

  10. My daughter is SO scared of spiders we would never be able to do this, but it looks SO fun. There is so much awesome info about a spider. If you ever get the chance to watch one making her web, do it. It is mesmerizing.

  11. Those finger print spiders are really cool! I would love to do that craft with kids.

  12. What cute games! I admit to not being a fan of real spiders but you’ve made it fun!

  13. My son would love the spider web game to learn about spiders.

  14. What fun ideas. I’ll have to try these with my little boy. He’s four years old and I think that he would have fun.

  15. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I am so afraid of spiders, but kids so need to learn about them. Great supplements for your lesson plan.

  16. These are all really great ideas. Interactive education is always the best.

  17. I think my kids would have a blast making a spiderweb between the chairs and then trying to crawl through it. lol. What fun activities.

  18. I love activities like this for learning. Kids retain so much more knowledge when they really get in there and work on things.

  19. Very cool crafts, interactive and hands on learning always works the best!

  20. The fingerprint spider project is so cute. I can totally see kids getting excited over that.

  21. I admire what you’re doing with your kids so much. I would never have the patience to home school. I absolutely wouldn’t have the patience to teach a group of five year olds.

  22. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    There are so many cool spider crafts to do with the kids. My favorite was making a big lawn spider out of garbage bags.

  23. Oh what fun. My Little Man is obsessed with spiders thanks to spiderman and he would love these.

  24. There are so many fun ways to do little spidery things. These are great activities for fun and learning.

  25. These are great projects! My kids would love all of them!

  26. Wow–you really came up with lots of projects to keep them busy with learning all about spiders!! Very cool. Thanks for sharing some fun and educational ideas

  27. I have a 3 year old and he would love this. I think we’ll be trying the masking tape spider web soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  28. These all look so fun! We don’t homeschool, but we try to do a fun educational activity at home on the weekends to supplement his learning. These are great!

  29. I love the masking tape spider web idea! My daughter was making a limbo game out of masking tape across our doorway this week so I’m sure she’d get a kick out of this!

  30. These all look like such fun projects! My hats off to all the homeschooling parents! So creative… and patient! LOL

  31. These are some fun activities! I especially like the masking tape game. That looks like it would be a blast.

  32. Those are some super fun ideas to learn about spiders! Even for those of us who don’t home school I think these would be fun for pre-schoolers too!

  33. These are the cutest spiders ever! I especially love the thumb print ones!

  34. These are such great spiders! I think I would not be afraid of any of them. I Homeschooled my daughter and I know she and her friends would have enjoyed all of these projects.

  35. I love all these fun projects and activities. My children just did something similar over at story hour. Except, they didn’t do the finger print spiders. Those are definitely something I would love to do.

  36. Some great activities!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

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