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 I wrote this post on behalf of The Rockwell Museum.   Mama to 5 Blessings received admission tickets for my family in exchange for an honest review.


More than a museum displaying exquisite pieces, The Rockwell is a unique community center where people enjoy, connect, and reflect on the essence of the American spirit, character and values through the eyes of American artists.

Rockwell Museum


Just down the street from The Corning Museum of Glass, The Rockwell Museum is the perfect place for children to learn about American art and past cultures. With a diverse, unique collection, gifted by Bob and Hertha Rockwell.


The Rockewell Museum is family friendly with areas such as the Family Exploration Studio. Children can create, read and play in the studio:

  1. Using their imaginations children can create their own mythical being!  Cut out, draw or trace circles, squares, triangles, faces, hands, feet, claws, wings, tails, etc. to make a mythical creature. 
  2. Write a story! Kids can tell a story or ask a grownup to write it down for them. For inspiration, look at paintings and sculptures of animals throughout The Rockwell.
  3. Read stories about animals – real, imaginary and legendary! Then look for the real and imaginary animals in the collection galleries throughout The Rockwell.
  4. Design your own landscape, inspired by the works on view in the galleries!  Using their imaginations to create a pretend place – a sunset, a forest, a mountain view, a canyon, a field. 
  5. Memory Game!  Slide the puzzle pieces on the table to make a pot inspired by our pottery display.
  6. Re-create the masterpiece with a magnetic puzzle.  Piece together the image of “The Tanner” and then see if you can find the painting, “The Tanner” on the third floor.

 rockwell family

My kids loved the studio because everything was hands on and they not only got to play but they got to create and learn. Plus throughout the museum children do a art scavenger hunt looking for various pieces of art on their list and in the end they get a little reward from the museum.

rockwell kids

The Museum continues to honor and build upon art collections related to the North American West and the cultures of American Indians. It was the first time my children got to see up close American Indian outer clothing garments to the headdresses. We stood there amazed at the craftsmanship and the authenticity of these items and what it may have been like while this American Indian wore the items.

Rockwell American Indian

The Collection is more than a sampling of traditional American artists – the pieces housed within the Museum walls convey the story of the American experience. A diverse and unique display, the artwork prompts us to think critically and challenge our conceptions of the great American West and the people who live there.

Our collections and rotating exhibits serve great purpose in the community. These works of art are functional teaching pieces – they present some of our best opportunities to connect with our audiences, young and old. 


rockwell artThe building that houses this wonderful collection is rich in history as well.  The Rockwell found a permanent home in the Old City Hall building. Old City Hall is a work of art in its own right, and is a cornerstone of Corning, NY. Constructed in 1893, the building has architectural details, but was devastated in 1972 by flooding caused by Hurricane Agnes. 


Corning Incorporated rallied the local community in support of the building with a capital campaign to generate the $2.5 million necessary for restoration. From 1980-1982, Old City Hall underwent a grand renovation to restore and resurface both the interior and the exterior. During the process, the entire space was re-imagined as a new museum experience.


With its historic details preserved, including tin ceilings and the iron door to the women’s jail, the venue offers relics that serve as frequent reminders of our rich history.

rockwell prisonIf you are going to Upstate New York this is a must stop. It is a great place to learn about American history through art.


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