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I wrote this post on behalf of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way.      

Being a city girl, I have seen waterfalls in pictures but really not too many up close. On our recent travels to Upstate New York we stopped at Salmon River Falls where I got to see beautiful waterfalls up close. 

You can totally immerse yourself in nature with views of major species include sugar maple, red maple, American beech, yellow birch, black cherry, white ash and red oak. Check out the 110 foot waterfalls and 3000 foot long gorge. I admit my mouth dropped with all the beauty that surrounded me. 

new york salmon river

Salmon River Falls Unique Area encompasses 112 acres of land in the town of Orwell in northern Oswego County. The 110 foot Salmon River Falls and the scenic gorge are the popular attractions of this wonderful parcel of state land. This area and the surrounding area is so tranquil with not much around. 

salmon river falls

Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the Salmon River Falls was part of lands occupied by the Five Nations of the Iroquois Indians. The Salmon River Falls, located nineteen miles upstream from the mouth of the river where it enters Lake Ontario, was the upstream barrier to fish migration including native Atlantic salmon. The Onondaga, Oneida and Cayuga tribes of the Iroquois Nation used the falls as fishing ground where they annually harvested salmon.

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Salmon River Falls offers:

 Accessible Trail with an 1100 foot accessible trail leads from the parking area to a view of the falls. Plus you can take stunning photo’s of nature in several of the observation areas.  Get closer to nature too with primitive camping, fishing, hunting, trapping and hiking. 


salmon river falls

Salmon River Falls is FREE and is opened all year long. Please note that the  River Bed Trail  and Gorge Trail are closed at certain times of the year due to the ice. This is a wonderful place to go for tranquility or to just enjoy with your family!


I wrote this post on behalf of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way.      
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  1. How gorgeous! I love seeing all the beautiful scenery around the United States. I would love to go to New York some day for stuff like this.

  2. Those waterfalls are SO beautiful. I love being out in nature and seeing all of it’s beauty in it’s natural state.

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  6. That looks absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to visit with my family.

  7. how fun! We love to go hiking and I think it’s important to visit your local parks.

  8. Looks like you guys had fun…definitely some gorgeous scenery! We love spending time out in nature with the kids!

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  11. We used to go hiking all the time in the NE region when we were little and we would hike around and see waterfalls. This is an example of how beautiful and peaceful nature is!

  12. Other than going to a conference in NYC, I have never been to NY. I think I would enjoy something like this much more than the city!

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  14. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    I love beautiful places that show the wonders of nature. Great for exploring.

  15. So so beautiful!
    We never got a chance to check out any waterfalls this year so I will soak up yours.
    Love watching the falls…I could sit there for hours!
    Looks like you guys had a great time.

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  20. What a great place for a hike. We have a place near us with several water falls but nothing this big.

  21. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Wow, that looks like such a beautiful place! I love the waterfall so much!

  22. Elizabeth O. says:

    I’ll check out Salmon River Falls when I’m in NY.

  23. This looks like an amazing place to visit. I wish I could go there.

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  25. That looks like a beautiful place to visit. I have to put it on my to do list this fall.

  26. This is such a beautiful place. There is something really awesome about family vacation travel to a beautiful place.

  27. Jennifer Williams says:

    That is absolutely beautiful. My family loves to go hiking and I would absolutely love to visit there to get those views.

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  45. this looks like a dreamy location! love the pictures 🙂

  46. What beautiful scenery and a great way to spend time outdoors! The waterfall is amazing!

  47. Being from upstate NY myself, did NOT know abot this BEAUTY! Thank you for sharing, I will be sure to check it out my next visit home!

  48. Being from upstate NY myself, did NOT know about this BEAUTY! Thank you for sharing, I will be sure to check it out my next visit home!

  49. New York State is full of natural wonders! I haven’t seen Salmon River Falls yet but saw the central cascade and similar rock formations at Watkins Gorge. I will definitely keep Salmon River Falls in mind on my next trip across the border. Great photos!

  50. Beautiful photos. What a wonderful place to visit. Thank you for linking up to #CheckOutThatView

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