Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Products Solved My Frizz! #SilkyHairDare #CG


The other day I was doing some cleaning and I stumbled across some pictures of me when I was younger. My hair was so long and beautiful.  I think as I have gotten older not only has my body changed but so has my hair. Yes I do not always have the time to do my hair so I wind up pulling it back because the frizz is bad. Wearing my hair down makes me look like a frizz head! That is until I started using Dove Pure Care Dry Oil products. 

dove pure care dry oil products


If you could see my shower it is filled with Dove products from body washes to hair care products so you can imagine that I was thrilled to try this new line of products.  What makes Dove Pure Care Dry Oil products different?  For one if contains a blend of African Macadamia Oil and Coconut Oil which is a lightweight, luxurious formula, infused with pure drops of natural oils.   



I have tried so many brands of shampoo’s, conditioners, and treatments none of them have tamed the frizz. I started using the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo as well as the Dove Pure Care Oil Conditioner on my hair in the shower and then allow my hair to air dry adding the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil finishing it off with the blow dryer. Once dried I added a small amount more oil to my hair and I was amazed at the results! 


dove frizzless


Not only do the Pure Care Dry Oil products make hair soft, silky and frizzless but it left  your hair smelling amazing. These products did not weigh my hair down either which has been a problem for me in the past with other products. Plus I was able to smell the scent in my hair all day long! These products work with all different types of hair and lengths! I think these products are salon quality but without the salon prices! 


dove no frizz


Dove Hair is daring women everywhere to try Dove Pure Care Dry Oil, risk-free now through December 31, 2014! How could you go wrong with this? Not completely satisfied with your results? Get your money back! The Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil system, Dove will refund your purchase (from 9/21 – 12/31).  I am sure you will love it like I do, share your silky results at #silkyhairdaresweeps for a chance to win $20,000 in prizes up for grabs, see rules for complete details.  Visit for more information. These wonderful products can be purchased at mass, Food and Drug retailers nationwide.


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  1. I have hair like DIana Ross, so I get keratin treatments for mine. I love all Dove products,

  2. I absolutely love Dove products! I have never heard of this product before though, I’ll have to check it out!

  3. I use Dove products and love them, might have to check these ones out

  4. michele d says:

    Wow! Looks so much healthier too. I need to try this my hair is so dry right now. This helps! Thanks!

  5. thanks for sharing about Dove! I am always on the lookout for new products! Especially for my hair!

  6. It did great for you! I have that same frizz issue, so I ought to try this.

  7. Your before and after pictures are amazing! I have a hard time with frizz, so I’m really excited to try this.

  8. I am on a no oil diet, and they suggested this to me.. I have gone out and purchased it, i do not have frizz, but it seems to be helping the diet.

  9. I love oil products for hair! They really do make a difference if you dedicate yourself to using them.

  10. My daughter really needs to use this. She has really thick and curly hair and is always complaining about frizzy hair!

  11. I’m a big Dove fan too. I have super curly hair and it really tames the frizz!

  12. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I have used Dove products for years and have never been disappointed. I like your before and after photos. You can really see a difference.

  13. Sounds like I’m sharing this one with my wife! She’s always complaining about her hair!

  14. The texture of your hair was way much better after using Dove. It’s really effective and goes well for sensitive hair.

  15. I’ve always loved Dove products. I’ll have to check these products out, beacuse living in Miami, there is so much humdity, that my hair tends to get very unruly!

  16. Elizabeth O. says:

    I use Dove for my skin and hair. It never failed me.

  17. You could definitely see the difference and I love that they have hair products now.

  18. I love, love, LOVE Dove products. I will have to check this out the next time I go to my PX and hope that it’s available there.

  19. I need to give Dove hair products a try. I could use something to help control my frizzy hair.

  20. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I haven’t used the Dove hair products but I have the body wash. These look like great hair products indeed because your hair looks amazing from the before picture. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Pauline C. says:

    Really glad that Dove make hair products now. It literally solves my problems.

  22. Pauline C. says:

    Really glad that Dove make hair products now. The results show in your hair.

  23. I have curly hair that loves to frizz in the Florida humidity. I’ll have to give Dove a try.

  24. My hair has also frizzed out as I’ve gotten older. I love Dove products and they have so many now, it’s great.

  25. I love the dry oil that I use on my hair. I definitely have fly away hair and it does a great job getting the frizz to go away. I also use my flat iron with it for the perfect flat hair.

  26. Dove is one of the conditioner brands that keeps my hair moisturized, I like Dove products.

  27. I have dry hair and these products look like they would work well for me.

  28. Your hair looks great! I’m going to have to give this a try. My hair does okay in the warmer months, but winter is just terrible on it.

  29. Your before and after pictures are great. I can really see a difference in your hair. I have some friends with frizz issues who would love this stuff.

  30. Nicole: I have to say, there has not been a Dove product that I haven’t loved. Would love to do a review for them. Nicely done!

  31. I love Dove products. I had no idea they had this dry oil line out. Can’t wait to try it out!

  32. Your hair looks great, looks like Dove really helped your hair get rid of frizz! Awesome.

  33. If only you could see the frizzy mess I am dealing with today! I haven’t heard of these products, but love Dove soap. I will definitely be giving these a try.

  34. Your hair looks great in these pictures! I constantly have frizzy hair, so this is a product I NEED to check out!

  35. What a giveaway. Up to $20,000.00 is a lot of prizes.

  36. I love all Dove products, they definitely make a difference. I really panic when I’m out of a product cause I do not think another one is good enough

  37. I have really curly hair so I’m always trying to find products to help with the frizz! I had no idea Dove had such products, going to check it out!

  38. I’m glad to see Dove branching out into all areas of bath and beauty. I’ve always loved their products.

  39. I need to try this! Your hair looks fantastic in the after photo! very cool.

  40. Ooh, I love Dove but hadn’t heard of this product. Definitely trying it to get rid of the frizz.

  41. Your hair looks beautiful. I need to try this to glam up my look.

  42. Lisa Bristol says:

    I love Dove products. I use the Shampoo and conditioner. I have not tried the oil yet. I like your results your hair looks great.

  43. My hair gets super frizzy in humidity and with static (so almost all year here in NC, lol). I’ll definitely have to check this out!

  44. I haven’t heard of the Pure Care Dry Oil line of products from Dove but they sounds like something I would be willing to try. I typically stick with the same haircare products but always open to trying new ones!

  45. I love Dove stuff- and I know my teen will LOVE these products! I’ll be getting them for her for sure! And, LOVE the photos of you!

  46. My daughter and I love using Dove products! Especially their deodorants!

  47. This sounds like something I need to try. Right now my hair is out of control.

  48. I love the new Dove Pure Care Dry Oil products and have been using them for the last few weeks. I love how they smell too.

  49. Jennifer Williams says:

    It is horrible how things change as we age. I love a lot of Dove products to help stop the signs of aging.

  50. I bet the more you use it the better results you will see. Love any product that helps me with frizz!

  51. I love Dove products! I am currently using the Pure Care Dry Oil line as well. It’s one of my faves. The smell is amazing! Your hair looks wonderful. 🙂

  52. That does sound like a great deal. Who doesn’t like risk-free. Thanks for sharing

  53. My bathroom is full of Dove products so I will have to add this one to the collection. I would like something to keep my hair under control.

  54. This sounds great! It gets really cold in Canada, and the cold, dry air really puts a beating on my hair. I’ll have to give this a try.

  55. Wow, these look great! I’m loving the results. I need to add this to my list.

  56. Your hair looks fantastic. This looks like a great line of products.

  57. Well, I’m going to have to try this because with dying my hair for so many years it’s become dry with split ends etc etc etc. HELP!!!! Thanks for the tips!

  58. Oh I adore Dove shampoo, it works wonders on my hair, especially this time of year when mine really dries out due to the cold.

  59. I love Dove products. I have pretty tame hair thank goodness.

  60. very nice dove product, my mom might need this since her hair is somewhat frizzy.

  61. Since I have tons of frizz, I’d love to try this collection out too! Just a little looks like it would go a long way!

  62. I love Dove products!! I have never tried this one yet but I have some crazy hair so I think I will have to check it out! Thank you for sharing!!

  63. First of all you look gorgeous.. I am loving the product!

  64. You are very beautiful! I have started to notice frizz in my hair..I want it to go away!

  65. I’m a huge Dove fan (not kidding!). One time, when my I told my husband to pick up some shampoo at the grocery store and he came back with some other brand, I sent him right back to buy the “right” kind!

  66. You look great! I really love Dove products and the shampoo and conditioner is great!

  67. I need something like this for my dry hair!

  68. I haven’t tried the treatments yet but I do love the Dove products. I have a big white bottle of dove shampoo and conditioner in my bathroom now. My hair is currently very dry from being out here in the desert, soon it’ll start getting all electrical and shocking everything in sight. Looks like you have hair like mine, thick, sometimes wild and long.

  69. i’ve been using dove since I was a kid and I always love it

  70. I didn’t know Dove now has hair products. Will have to look for them in my area.

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