How to $tretch Your Grocery Bill

As a family of 7 I have decided to make a few adjustments. I have always considered myself very frugal and thankfully my husband is too, we are a great match! 
Here are some ways how we stretch our dollar on your Grocery Bill:
 grocery bag use
First and foremost couponing. It amazes me how people do not utilize this, it’s free money on the table! When I go grocery shopping my goal is to always try to save more then I spent, at times I am successful while other times I am not. We have 2 newspapers delivered to our home every Sunday just for the coupons. If I am looking for more coupons I will take a walk in my neighborhood and look through the recycle bins.
Do research before heading to the grocery store. Going to sites like Southern Savers where she lies everything out on what is on sale and even where you can print the coupons from on-line.
Do not take the kids with when shopping, in my experience I tend to spend a bit more when they come with me.
I suggest going when you are not hungry and make a list of what you need and try to stick to it.
Keep your coupons in a binder or some type of organizer and leave them in your car because you never know when you will see a good deal! 
We do have a Coscto and a BJ’s Wholesale membership to purchase certain item because food goes fast in our home. One of the things I have found cost effective is purchasing certain items in bulk. 
Always look at the pricing on the shelf and then look at the price per ounce or pound. Maybe the store brand or purchasing it in a smaller or larger size is a better price. 
 If you are a large family like ours get 2 refrigerators with freezers.  We have one inside our home and one in our garage. I like to stock up when we see a good deal on cold / freezer items. 
Don’t get trapped into purchasing already made items, I know it’s convenient but you are paying for it. Things like pre-packaged salad mixes, salad dressings, frozen pizzas, etc. Are easy to make so why purchase them already made?
Make your own items such as:
Take advantage of CVS and other stores with their rewards programs and money back but make sure you use them before they expire. You can stack them up with coupons for additional savings, somethings can wind up being FREE!
Making meals that are very inexpensive such as spaghetti or using brown rice or lots of vegetables as fillers, beans are another great filler! 
Search your circulars for the best prices, some grocery stores price match and they even take competitor coupons which you can stack with a manufacturers coupon!
Instead of purchasing some of my grocery items at the typical grocery store I have been purchasing more of my fruits and breads at the farmer’s markets. Even when the bread is buy one get one free it is like $4.29 for 2 loaves while at the farmer’s market its $3.00 for 2 loaves of bread and it’s the same brand! 
We seldom eat out, it’s nice on occasion but with 5 kids it ‘s not only a  hassle but it is expensive. So once in a while we will treat ourselves but it’s an added expense that I cannot justify. 
If you have children pack snacks and drinks for when you are going to be on the go for awhile that way you do not stop at fast food places or restaurants and spend money.

Stay tuned on my DIY tutorials on how to make products yourself without breaking the bank! How do you save money on your grocery bill?  Comment below with your savings and tips! 


  1. I am terrible about paying full price for food. I honestly don’t even really look at prices before I buy stuff.

  2. Great tips!
    I try and buy meat on sale too and double recipes so we can freeze a batch for another meal.
    We have at least one meatless meal once a week as well to help trim costs.
    The biggest challenges we have making sure that there are leftovers so my hubby gets some for his lunch.

  3. I shop around for the best places. I actually keep a list in my house as to what products are always/consistently cheaper at which stores in town. So I know when I need that item I know which store to shop at to get it. It helps a lot. Food goes fast here too. We have to be frugal.

  4. I can use all the help I can get when it comes to grocery shopping. I need to start planning meals again for the week or month. I enjoyed doing that and with another baby on the way I need to start again. Thanks for all the great tips.

  5. We’re a small family so I’ve never done the stocking up thing. I do find that farmer’s markets and Trader Joe’s seem to help get my money further than the average grocery store. I admit that I do need to do more research like you point out though. Great tips!

  6. Jenna Wood says:

    We just got a secondary freezer- I love it. Now I can finally make goo use of my other appliances, like the meat slicer! It’s great to pre-make meals and stock up on great perishable food deals(then freeze them)!

  7. I go to the store and the prices keep rising, so it is good to save money where you can! Good list of how to save and stretch money!

  8. We are always looking for ways to save. I could definitely make my own juice and other items to cut back a bit.

  9. I love couponing and using money saving apps!

  10. These are great tips. We do a lot of shopping at Costco, too, which definitely helps.

  11. These are great tips. I love the one about checking the price per weight. I have found several times that the name brand item was cheaper than generic because it was on sale. You just have to be aware of what you are buying!

  12. I am totally a couponer and in agreement about not taking the kids. I do the worst over spending when my kids are fighting in the store or playing around,

  13. These are some really great tips! We have a membership at Sam’s club so that we can buy things in bulk for cheaper. Also, we like to stock up on things that are on sale. Amazon is great for finding bulk goods on sale!

  14. These are great tips. I think making the time to check all the rewards, etc. is hard (for me), but hope to get better at it this coming year!

  15. These are some great tips. We also buy some items in bulk because it is cheaper. We buy eggs and milk from Costco because we go through them so fast.

  16. I am terrible with our food budget!! I need to get back into the habit of using coupons more often and pairing closer attention to sales.

  17. I try to really stretch my budget as well. These are great tips!

  18. I love this post. I always seem to spend more than I planned when I hit the old grocery store.

  19. I love these tips. Even with just me and my husband, groceries can be pricey!

  20. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    These are great tips. I do price matching when i go to Walmart. I should be combining that with coupons. Great post.

  21. I definitely need to stretch my grocery budget. I hate spending a fortune.

  22. Great advice! But it’s so hard not to take the kids, you know? And I try to use coupons, but I don’t look into that often enough. And going when you’re not hungry? That’s a toughie too! LOL I’m hopeless, right?

  23. Amy Desrosiers says:

    We love saving money too!! I love my local CVS and BJs too! I save the most there.

  24. These are some great tips. I would love to spend less money on food so I could save more.

  25. I love finding new sites so thanks for telling me about Southern Savers. I don’t take my kids shopping either when I can avoid it!

  26. What great tips… I happen to shop with the kids a lot and I love the idea of packing snacks to keep them full and busy… I am horrible at checking prices and need to do more homework

  27. I definitely agree we spend more money with the kids in tow. Great ideas.

  28. We just got a Costco membership to help with the stuff we buy in bulk

  29. These are great tips! If I leave my hubby and my kids at home when I shop, I get exactly what is on my list. If any of them come with – we over spend.

  30. I occasionally pay full price for groceries but since I shop at the Commissary where it is much cheaper I do it that way and safe and I do use coupons too. I’m also a member of Sams club although to be honest I’m not even sure there really is that much of a savings shopping there.

  31. These are great tips. We always spend so much on groceries!

  32. Now that we have a second fridge, I’m shopping in bulk more and making my own items. Hoping this makes a big difference!

  33. I’m not great at using coupons, but I definitely check prices carefully and shop the sales. I also try to pack food when we travel so we don’t have to stop.

  34. Michele@Family, Faith and. Fridays says:

    We use whole chickens and get about three meals of each one! A great way to save money! We also eat breakfast for dinner once a week which the kids and dad love!

  35. I love these tips! I’m a big fan of rewards programs and glad our local grocery store finally started one!

  36. Christine says:

    I am so much better if I make a monthly menu, it keeps my purchase in check. If I didn’t do it, my monthly budget is gone too quick.

  37. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    Great tips! There are only three of us but we spend way too much on food. We tend to eat out way too much.

  38. Thanks for the ideas. I like saving money by making my own items. I remember buying taco seasoning every grocery shopping trip. I learned to make my own and haven’t bought any in a few years.

  39. Miranda Diamond Stansbury says:

    I definitely need these tips!! Thank you so much!!

  40. heather knight says:

    I am horrible when it comes to grocery shopping. Coupons and deals just confuse me. Thanks for the all the tips to get that bill down!!

  41. Love this advice. Just found your blog. Great tips, thanks!

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