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 This is a sponsored post on behalf of Global Influence and Walgreens/Simple Products. All views and opinions are our own.  


Sometimes I think I am a teenager all over again, a 40 year old in a 15 year old body.  I have super oily skin so if I do not clean and take care of my facial skin it breaks out badly. With a very busy homeschooling schedule and with 5 kids it can be difficult I need easy. Products that work and are easy to use, not only that I do not want to use harmful products on my skin. So after a long day my face needs a good cleaning from the make-up, grime, sweat and tears. A new product has just come out on the market that fits what busy mom needs — Simple Care!

simple products

What makes Simple products different is that their products have no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh irritants that can upset skin and contain skin-loving ingredients with added vitamins for natural, healthy-looking skin.  Plus these products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and pH balanced with and no parabens! Sounds like wonderful products right? 


This wonderful line of skin care products comes in:

~ Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer which is a must for instant hydration.

~  Simple Foaming Facial cleanser that rinses leaving no grime behind with skin feeling freshly hydrated skin.

~  New Simple Nourishing 24-hour Day/Night Cream leaves your skin super soft and feeling silky smooth!


Right now Walgreens is offering a wonderful promotion that you just cannot pass up! When you purchase any 2 or more participating Simple products at Walgreens during the month of May you  get 2,000 Balance Reward Points!  For even more savings, participating Simple products at Walgreens are Buy 1 get 1 50% off with your Balance Rewards Card! 

simple products


What a great time to stock up and pamper your skin! Hurry this promotion ends 5/31 which is right around the corner!


 This is a sponsored post on behalf of Global Influence and Walgreens/Simple Products. All views and opinions are our own.  Mama to 5 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.      


  1. I am definitely going to have to pick up a few of these products the next time I’m at Walgreens!

  2. Thank you for the information on this great WalGreens offer!

  3. This stuff looks great! My pores have been kind of nasty lately, so I am going to check this out!

  4. I’ve tried a few of the Simple products before and I loved them! Time for a trip to Walgreens!

  5. I did try this brand and it definitely does its job. I like the wipes because it does its job. Great for the Summer, this is.

  6. Sounds good, I always prefer a foaming cleanser for my face.

  7. Having oily skin can be annoying so it’s nice you found a good product for a better skin.

  8. How cool! I love Walgreens, I’ll have to take a look at their skincare products!

  9. Yes, I love these products so gentle on skin.

  10. I really need this for my pores, thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  11. I’ve heard that these are great products. I’ll have to check them out!

  12. I love that brand and use their cleanser.

  13. Same here, it’s like my face is still a teen! thanks for your thoughts, I’ll be checking this one out next time I go to the store!

  14. Maria Oller says:

    I love wags points and simple amazing promotion way to get balance points

  15. Thank you for the info, I frequent Walgreens because it’s so convenient. I break out when I am stressed so will check out the Simple line. Thank you.

  16. I need to get some of this for summer! My skin gets sensitive after sun. Love these products!

  17. I need to try these. I have the T-Zone on my face. Dry cheeks and the rest is oily. I also need none perfume products bc my eyes water with any kind of perfume smelling stuff on my face. Thanks for the new product info!!

  18. Angela S says:

    I have very sensitive skin and recently tried the Simple cleaning wipes to remove makeup. I had no skin irritation at all!

  19. I love Walgreens and that I can get great products like this at a better price.

  20. Looks like great products. Will grab some when I am in Walgreens

  21. I love the whole idea of Simple products – literally – and will definitely have to try these.

  22. I love Simple products. I just stocked up on a ton of face wipes and wash while I was at the store today.

  23. I swear, I started getting worse breakouts in my late 20s than I ever had as a teenager! Sooooo not fair to have blemishes AND wrinkles at the same time, lol!! I’ve used the Simple face wash before and I really like it.

  24. Will definitely this!! thanks

  25. Will definitely try this!! thanks

  26. Oh my goodness, I can’t brag enough about Simple products… I love, love, love their facial cleansing wipes. I keep them in my purse to use after the gym and even after a day of running around… they are so refreshing and do a great job with my face.

  27. I have sensitive skin on my face so I will have to try these products out.

  28. I was just there yesterday but was looking for other items. Walgreens is perfect for products like these.

  29. I love Walgreens they give you a lot of bang for your bucks

  30. I love Walgreens they give you a lot of bang for your buck.

  31. I use their face wash and I love it!

  32. Have these products been tested on animals? It’s good to know there are no artificial ingredients.

  33. Sounds like a fabulous product line! I love that it contains no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh irritants.

  34. Ooooh looks great – I love the more simple products available now 🙂 And thanks for sharing the saving tip!

  35. I’ve been using Simple cleanser for a few months now. It’s just as effective as the pricey cleanser I’d been using. My skin is oily, too, and this really helps keep the breakouts at bay.

  36. I love the cleansing wipes! Perfect for my summer beach bag.

  37. I love to use facial wipes but am picky about which I use. I might have to check these out as they say oil balanced, I try to avoid moisturizing products as I have naturally oily skin.

  38. Oooo… love Balance Rewards! I am also always looking for just the right product to use on my face. As I age, it seems to get harder and harder to find the correct product. AND my face is constantly changing with the weather and my hormones.

  39. TWO Great names: Walgreens and Simple products! These are products I use daily. I like the results of my oily skin.

  40. I love their products, I use their wipes to remove my make-up! I gotta try out more things from their line.

  41. katrina G says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have been looking for something for my daughter, she has been having skin issues. I was just at walgreens this morning. I will going back later today to get her some products.

  42. Anikait Chavan says:

    Great products for those who have dry skins. Never used any though! But girls would truly love them…

  43. I love cleansing wipes, they are always in my bag!
    I have oily skin and I just can not imagine going out without my cleansing wipes

  44. I love Simple! I have the same problem as you do!

  45. Thank you so much, I didn’t even know this product existed…thank you

  46. michele d says:

    Love the Simple facial wipes. I buy them quite often actually. My face feels so much better after each use. Love the Walgreens deal. Thanks for the share.

  47. I will have to check this product out because I tend to have a lot of breakouts too!

  48. lisa jones says:

    What a great line of products i must get a few for myself thank you great review

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