Hottest Spring Trends – Kohl’s Spring Fashion Google Hangout #SpringAtKohls

 “I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Kohl’s. I received a gift card as a thank you for participating”


Spring is finally here! Time to put away the long sleeves and long pants and change my wardrobe to  Spring attire!  Flip flops, shorts, sandals – attire for the great outdoors! No more frumpy dark colors – it’s time for fun colors, pastels and especially the color PINK!  


kohl's spring



With such a busy life sometimes I feel like since I am so busy with daily tasks that I can quickly get out of touch with the latest styles.  Kohls Spring Fashion Hangout can help out – they provide great tips on the hottest styles! After searching Kohl’s web-site I see some must haves to add into my Spring PINK collection – like these adorable Sonoma Life and Style Platform Wedge Sandals! What fashion trends will you be wearing this spring? How about adding PINK into your wardrobe?


“I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Kohl’s. I received a gift card as a thank you for participating”
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  1. I just bought a pair of So brand pink skinny pants from Kohl’s and LOVE LOVE them already! They go with lots of things and really flatter.

  2. WOW–Kohl’s has some really pretty outfits–love to shop there–they have great prices too-thanks for the heads up

  3. Love Kohls. Such a great choice of clothes to choose from.

  4. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love Kohls clothing because it is made well and is fashionable. I bought a pink and white top the other day!

  5. I was just at Kohl’s on Saturday and bought a bunch of new things for spring. All pink of course 🙂

  6. We always get our Easter dresses at Kohl’s. I guess it’s time to head there again!

  7. They have really stepped up and created an amazing Line of clothes this year I think!! I wish we lived near one, cause I like to try on clothes before I buy!

  8. i adore the dress on the end!! eek!! although…i heart pink. so there’s that.

  9. Love the pastels this season!

  10. It certainly looks like they are including more stylish clothing. I’ve always liked Kohls for their prices, but now, I’ll have to check them out for their style.

  11. I don’t have very much pink in my wardrobe because it doesn’t look that great on me. However, it is one of my favorite colors, so I add it in via accessories! I am going to see what Kohl’s has to offer.

  12. Super cute. Love these fashion choices.

  13. We just got our 30% coupon from Khols and my wife is planning on using it!

  14. I want all of those outfits! I need to get to kohls!

  15. I love Kohls! I get most of my wardrobe from there! Last year and the year before my husband got me a $100 gift card for Christmas. Its been fun shopping there. And we just got our luggage from Kohls for our upcoming vacation!

  16. I could definitely use some style tips. Kohl’s always has really great stuff. I think I will atop by and check out some of their pink springy clothes.

  17. I love Kohl’s clothing because it is so stylish and affordable… My favorite outfits of mine are all from Kohls.!

  18. I have to say that usually I don’t love pink. But these subtle shades that are bordering on coral are going to convert me!

  19. I’ve never shopped from Kohl’s before. They have some cute things for spring.

  20. I like the colora and styles they have this season.

  21. i’m all about pink. and i adore the polka dot sweater!!

  22. I love shopping at Kohls. They have great selections for great prices.

  23. Kohl’s is certainly a department store I go to. Love their kids clothes and I can always find something there for me too!!

  24. I love wearing wedges instead of heels because I feel more secure walking in them. I dont have any pink in my wardrobe except for one tee. I like the dress on the end. Gotta check out Kohl’s for Sprig fashion to update my look!

  25. I’m not a Kohl’s fan but there are some cool stuff here. Perhaps a visit soon …

  26. Kohl’s is one of my favorite stores to shop at. They always have really high quality clothing, and something for everyone!

  27. I get overwhelmed at Kohl’s but love the coupons.

  28. Pink is one of my favorite spring colors. Love the styles!

  29. I love Kohl’s and love all the cute options they have!!! I totally need to go spring shopping!

  30. Ashley M says:

    We shop at Kohls often, I really like what they’re going with their spring lines – especially the pinks and corals.

  31. I love that dress on the far right. Kohl’s has some great clothes.

  32. I don’t wear pink, but might be convinced if it’s in shoe form, or polka dots!

  33. Oh my goodness, we love, love, love Kohl’s… I was just there the other day but was shopping for the little ones. Will have to go check the other new styles out. Thanks

  34. These outfits are fabulous! I am going to also forward this to a friend of mine… she wears pink ALL of the time 🙂

  35. I love how Kohl’s is teaming up with great designers – they have some really cute fashion for women this spring!

  36. I am totally loving all the pink! I am so ready for spring and short sleeves!

  37. I was a part of this hangout and it was so much fun. I love talking fashion!

  38. I love shopping at Kohl’s and I love pink! It is one of my best colors!! Cute clothes!!

  39. I really wish we had Kohls!! I need to add more pink in my wardrobe, maybe starting with some earrings or a purse!

  40. Oh i love those pinks! I love Kohl’s and I’m super excited for the new Spring Line!

  41. I love shopping at Khols! Looks like they have a great spring line. 🙂

  42. I love Kohls. They have such great clothes

  43. So pretty! I really love that dress on the right! The color is perfect for spring!

  44. Loving the spring fashion. Very bright and happy.

  45. My daughter loves pink so I will see if we find nice blouses to wear together. Twould be fun!

  46. That pink and orange dress is so so beautiful!! Just going into Autumn here, but I’d totally wear that dress!

  47. Alisha Hodges says:

    I love that polka dot sweater. My favorite line at Kohl’s is Lauren Conrad. Her clothes are so feminine and romantic (and there is lots of pink).

  48. I love shopping at Kohl’s! This looks like a great collection.

  49. I love Kohls so much! What a fun collection for spring. Now if only I could go buy them all!

  50. They are such cute pieces. I love the coral/pastel colors and the girly looks.

  51. So many cute things here! I love Kohl’s!

  52. Some of those clothes look more like coral to me than pink, but I love both colors. I’m curious to see the colors in person, so I’ll probably stop by Kohl’s soon. We have one just about a mile away.

  53. Chasity Boatman says:

    I love Kohls

  54. Pink is all my wardrobe! I l love pink and black. These are really cute dresses. I haven’t been to kholls in years. I do need to do some shopping for myself.

  55. I really love the selection of clothes at Kohls. I am a fan of pink so I think these are CUTE!

  56. Love the fact that PINK is the in color!

  57. Kohls is one of my favorite places to shop. Love them!

  58. Beautiful clothes! And so bright and springy! I would love to have something like the red dress on the right!

  59. laurie nykaza says:

    Kohls has such cute clothing for summer and wonderful sales too. I can shop for my husband and also for the kids too .

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