Now Available in the US – Famosa Toys (Pinypon & Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby & Cradle)

I wrote this post on behalf of Famosa and their PR Company.  Mama to 5 Blessings received Famosa toys in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way. 


Established in 1957 by a group of artisan doll makers, Famosa has become a leading European toy company and doll manufacturer based in Spain.  The company has a stellar reputation as a developer of innovative, safe and high quality products that foster all around development for young children.


Famosa has a doll that all little girls would love to play with – Sleep With Me Baby Doll and Cradle This adorable and yet unique doll comes with a cradle that attaches to a bed keeping baby doll close to baby all night long.  I love this concept, my daughter actually sees it on a daily basis. With a 7 month baby she sees the live version of her baby sister sleeping in mommy and daddy’s room and having baby right next to her mom. Seeing this and having her baby doll close to her at night gives her a hands on experience preparing her for motherhood in many years to come.  




The Sleep With Me Baby Doll and Cradle Includes:

16.5″ Baby Doll 

Starlight With Music

Blanket and Pillow for Doll

Bottle and Pacifier



Not only does Famosa The Sleep With Me Baby Doll and Cradle but they carry Pinypon figure toys. These figures are so adorable! Children can use their creativity while playing with them. All the pieces of these figures come apart and are interchangeable. 

pinypon pieces

Children can create whatever character they choose, designing their own fashions with the interchangeable clothing pieces as well as adding accessories too! 


My kids love the Pinypon Ski Lodge and Snow Car and Tow Sets.  There are so many fun ways to play with this set – add water to the ice rink allow to freeze and add the Pinypon figures, or figures can snow board down the slide of the ski lodge slide. How about a winter picnic? The set includes foods and picnic table as well. Characters do not want to play outdoors, too cold?  Set them up and play inside the reversible ski lodge!  Pieces have small holes on them so children can add accents for clothing or decorate the snowman or Christmas tree! The set comes with 50 pieces! My children never get bored of playing!


How do you get to this wonderful ski lodge, by car of coarse with the Pinypon Car and Tow Set! Comes with figure, car, tow, luggage ski boards and more! 


Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge (sold at ToysRUs) $39.99

Pinypon Snow Adventure Car & Tow (sold at ToysRUs) $12.99 

Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle (sold at ToysRUs and Kmart) $29.99


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I wrote this post on behalf of Famosa and their PR Company.  Mama to 5 Blessings received Famosa toys in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way. 
 Mama to 5 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. 

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  1. So sweet! Wish my girls were still little. 🙂

  2. Awe, so cute! I didn’t know about Famosa Toys. My kids would also love the Pinypon.

  3. I love both of these toys. Dolls with cribs are really a thrill for children and help the nurturing process and I love this Pinypon as it looks so creative for imaginary play.

  4. Ah! How fun for little girls. I bet its also a great way to keep little ones in their own bed and out of mom and dads if they have a little doll to nurture at night. So cute!

  5. Love Famosa! I got pinypon and a nenuco doll for my daughter last year, She loved them!

  6. How adorable is that co-sleeping bed! I love that more products are coming out like this.

  7. My daughter would adore the the Sleep with Me doll and cradle. She has an antique cradle her great grandpa made her, that she pushes up against her bed at night. I’m always worried she is going to break it getting up in the middle of the night. This is a fun solution.

  8. The co-sleeping baby doll is too cute! I would have died for that as a little girl.

  9. This is so cute! I have never seen it before!

  10. i just gasped when i saw that baby! i’ve never seen a cosleeping doll!! I LOVE IT!

  11. Oh wow!! My daughter would LOVE the doll sleeping right beside her like that!!

  12. Those are really cute and look like so much fun

  13. That is so sweet having the baby next to the bed. Cute toys!

  14. The PinyPon Ski Lodge is just too cute. It’ s so cool that you can interchange the parts. I have a friend with a little girl that would love to find it under her tree.

  15. Too cute! Wish I had someone little to give one to as a gift!

  16. Both of these toys look awesome but my favorite is the Sleep With Me Baby! My little girl would really love this!

  17. My kids have these very same toys, and love them! Famosa makes some hot toys!

  18. The ski looks adorable and has so many pieces! I keep getting toys like that though and the pieces get mixed with all the other toys and then it never gets played with. I think the best bet is to keep a toy like this at the grand parents. Fewer toys there seems to mean they get more play time!

  19. Cute toys. My daughter would love the sleep with me!

  20. Aww! I miss the days of these toys and my little girll. Now its all ipods and movies.

  21. Awww, so cute. Too bad I don’t have any girls!

  22. So cute… Isa is getting too big but in a few years Madison would love these!

  23. These dolls and toys are just so cute and your sweetie pie made them look even cuter!

  24. We have these toys and I LOVE them… but haven’t shown my daughter yet. They are Christmas gifts, I can’t wait til she opens them.

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