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It amazes me how electronic savvy children are. Whenever I have a question I can ask my 8-year-old son and he can figure it out no problem. These are the days of tablets and smartphones. I admit my older boys each of tablets and use them for educational and entertainment. So anything that is electronic that I can use in our homschooling I am all for.  Leapfrog has been one of my favorite brands ever since my oldest son received a Leapfrog toy at Christmas.  Ever since then my children and I have been hooked! 


Leapfrog has recently come out with two great products that my kids are enjoying:


Learn to Write With Mr. Pencil  is an adorable stylus that teaches children how to write letters, number writing, drawing shapes along with Mr. Pencil and citizens of Doodleburg.  The stylus to learn with 85+ writing activities in the app and help Dot & Dash decorate and prepare 24 parade floats for Doodleburg’s Art Appreciation Day parade. This breakthrough app toy helps turn your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch into the ultimate learn-to-write tool.

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I love this product! It is perfect for my 3 older children to practice their handwriting. The app which is free that goes along with Mr. Pencil teaches how to write  upper and lowercase letters, numbers 1-20 and basic shapes. – if the child does not follow the directions the app prompts the child encouragingly to do it correctly. I like that children have to listen and follow directions in order to complete each task. This is a perfect tool for learning for children, plus the stylus is so adorable it makes kids want to use it! I like how it spares my iPad from their fingers and other objects while Mr. Pencil has a nice soft tip! 


Product Features:

Saves your child’s writing as he/she plays the app so you can view progress.
The included Mr. Pencil app, Mr. Pencil stylus plus an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad work together to create a learn-to-write tool.
 Ages 3-6 years



Creativity Camera App With Protective Case  App combines the camera power of iPhone and iPod touch with creative learning fun! The case protects your iPhone or iPod touch device and the information stored in it while your child enjoys hours of play. Simply download the included creativity learning app, and place your device into the protective case for hours of games and activities. Children will have fun editing photos to make silly pictures, go on photo missions to create special albums and even play an exciting augmented reality game. This breakthrough app toy turns your device into the ultimate creativity camera that kids will love!

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Kids enjoy taking pictures with smartphones but I often worry about them dropping my phone or going on my other apps but with the Creativity Camera this is not possible. Simply open the backside of the camera and slide  in your device and close. The con to this is that if you have a device that has a case like I do you have to take it out of the case to place inside the Creativity Camera or else it will not fit.  The great thing is that once the device is inside the Creativity Camera you can lock it in place so it will not fall out or get damaged.  Children will enjoy taking pictures and decorating them or distorting them, it’s their own one of a kind masterpieces! Also children can create an alphabet photo album taking pictures of items that start with the letters of the alphabet adding them to the photo album and matching them to the letters. What a great way to learn and create!


 Product Features: 

Helps kids create, learn and express themselves with photos.
 Includes a protective case and a creativity learning app with 6 learning modes:
    1) Camera—take pictures of friends, family, pets and more,
    2) Gallery—lets little photographers view photos as an album, or scroll through photos one-by-one,
    3) Creativity Center—lets children filter, stamp and morph to create one-of-a-kind photos,
    4) Silly Faces—guides children to take portraits and easily dress up images with funny graphics,
    5) Photo Missions—complete special photo missions to create themed albums to explore letters, facial expressions and more, and
    6) Magical Creature Catch—catch and match virtual flying critters by snapping pictures in a fast-action game.
Works with an iPhone or iPod touch to create the ultimate kid-safe creativity camera.
 Teaches creativity, self-expression and matching
 Ages 3-6 years


Both of these Leapfrog products are great for everyday learning! Both making perfect Christmas gifts for that special child! The Leapfrog Mr. Pencil sells for $12.99 and the Creativity Camera App With Protective Case $19.99. Leapfrog is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders $40.00 or more – stock up now for the holidays!


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I wrote this post on behalf of Leapfrog and MomSelect. I received Leapfrog products in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way.
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  1. These look like great learning toys i can incorporate into our homeschool day….but are they available on android???

  2. Awesome learning tools and so much fun!

  3. That sounds fun and I like that it works with Apple products

  4. it would be cool if they did android too- no one ever does LOL

  5. My daughter would flip for Mr Pencil!! He is so cool! She would spend hours playing with him writing letters!

  6. I used to love Leap Frog for my son! I hated when he outgrew it!

  7. How cool is that?! I know my daughters would love something like this – and since they already try to do this on my Instagram, I think they would love having an app for themselves 🙂

  8. Wow that pencil is really cool! I think I am going to add that to my 3 year olds list for Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

  9. How fun! My kids would have a blast playing with that.

  10. Mr. Pencil seems really neat! I like that there are “smart devices” for kids, because they see adults on them and want to use them as well. I would definitely buy a leappad since it would be more durable for kids use.

  11. I had so many Leap Frog products when my son was little… they truly are such a great educational tool!

  12. that little pencil guy is adorable! how fun!

  13. My nephews would love the Mr. Pencil, I’ll have to keep that in mind for gift exchange ideas!

  14. Leap Frog does such a nice job of creating innovative, educational products. I really like that they are getting kids ready for the technology of smart devices, while still being creative.

  15. Leap Frog has some amazing products. The Pencil Creativity Camera looks like an awesome educational toy. Kids love technology.

  16. I just sent this link over to my family for gift ideas for my toddler. What a great idea and educational. I love it

  17. These both look like super fun toys that kids can actually learn from as well! Might have to add these to my shopping list!

  18. I think I will be getting Mr. Pencil for my daughter but you are right these days kids are amazing at how fast they learn.. and can teach us older people..

  19. My daughter loves taking pictures! This would be perfect for her!

  20. Are you e er too old to want a Mr. Pencil for Christmas, I would say no. That face is so adorable that I now want one and I am definitely beyond high school at this point. I like the idea that a modern and fun toy helps kids learn how to actually write rather than type on a keyboard.

  21. That creativity camera sounds like so much fun. It lets the kids feel like they are doing the same thing as mom.

  22. That camera is so neat! I would love to pick that up for my younger niece and nephew.

  23. I know that my daughter would have loved both of these when she was younger. I think it is great that Leap Frog is teaching children while they have fun.

  24. The pencil is a great addition to their collection.

  25. I love LeapFrog products! And that pencil and camera are too cute. I will definitely have to get them for my daughter.

  26. Oh my gosh! I must have Mr. Pencil!! My daughter so needs this!!

  27. We’re going to be having a pretty techy holiday this year. My boy is really interested and it’s time to get him some more grown-up learning toys. LeapFrog never fails us!

  28. We adore LeapFrog products. They are a great combination of learning and fun.

  29. These look like 2 great toys!! I love anything that helps kids learn while having fun!! I love LeapFrog products too!!

  30. These sound awesome! I love Leap Frog products! They are fun and educational!

  31. My daughter has a Leapfrog when she was younger and she loved it. She asked for it for Christmas one year and played with it for months straight!

  32. Both of these are super cool! The camera would be great for my niece who loves takes pictures with our cellphone. It’s just her size.

  33. There are more activities within the camera than I would have thought. I’m impressed!

  34. Love the sound of their new products, I love their whole line! I am going to have to check these out for holiday gifties!

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  37. I love leap frog products… They helped my kids so much when they was growing up. They make learning fun.

  38. OMGosh I HAVE TO get that Mr. Pencil, that’s a great product!

  39. My daughter always used Leapfrog when she was little!

  40. My son uses his Leapfrog to read in class, which helps his reading skills immeasurably. I wish Mr. Pencil had been around when he was learning to write. I wonder if it would help with his penmanship now. I know a few of my nieces and nephews are at that age when it would be a great asset for them. I might be the best Aunt ever and get it for them as a Christmas gift.

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