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I am always looking or thinking of ideas to keep my little ones busy while I homeschool my older 2 boys. I consider myself pretty thrifty and I try to use items I already have to teach my little ones. Using items that from my house that I normally wouldn’t use for teaching!

The 1st activity is giving the toddler pipe cleaners (chenille sticks) and a colander and having the child place the chenille sticks in the upside down colander holes. This is great for hand and eye coordination and dexterity. My 2 year old called it an octopus when he was done!

Activity 2, was my 3 year old daughter’s idea. She used Playfoam (you can use Play-Doh) and she decided to place all the Playfoam in her tea set and misc. size learning bowls and play tea party. This is use of imagination and creativity.

Activity 3 – I took a paper towel tube and a clear plastic tube along with smoochy balls, plastic balls and rubber balls, placing the tubes in a bowl and had my son drop the balls into the tubes. The clear one was great because he got to see the balls go into the tube and downwards. I sat with him because some of the balls were a little small. This is a great way for kids to learn cause and effect.

Activity 4 which all 4 of my kids love — bubble pop dancing. Since I do quite a bit of blog reviews I get quite a bit of packages in the mail, many with bubble wrap. So I split it up amongst my kids and place it on the floor for them to jump, hop and dance on while the bubble wrap pops!

I usually do my Montessori activities thriftily. Trying to use what I have around the house. No need to spend money when you do not need too! I will continue to post my thrifty Montessori activities as I do them with my kids.

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