My 2 boys and I have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. (Martin Luther King Day is Monday 1/21).

Both boys did a lapbook. I pieced the lapbook together using various different resources:

We checked out the following books at the library for our study:

Martin Luther King, Jr.: I Have a Dream! (Defining Moments (Bearport Publishing))Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Celebrations in My World)

Both my boys drew Martin Luther King Jr. for the front overs of their lapbooks
(ages 7 and 5)

Inside one of the lapbooks

Then we did a craft – the hands are different ethnicities reaching out to each other

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream so we titled the craft this.

Art supplies needed:
Colored construction paper,
brown, white and black paint
Paint brushes

The kids pained their hands and pressed them to the construction paper so that the hands were touching and once dried they wrote I Have a Dream….

While my 5 year old didn’t want to add anything to I Have a Dream but my 7 year old did, camping! Not quite what I was hoping he would write but at 7 that’s what’s on his mind!



  1. That is so adorable and what a great craft to learn too!

  2. I absolutely love this!!! I am going to pin this for next year!

  3. How funny about the Camping thing. What a great project for them. My kids aren’t in grade school yet, but I love doing things like this with them.

  4. Great craft ideas! I’m home MLK day and will probably try some of them with my son.

  5. Love these ideas – the craft with the 3 hands is so powerful! These are really good ideas for ways to teach about MLK day!

  6. This is a great set of activities. It looks like it’s easily adapted to middle grades, too.

  7. What great ideas! I’ll pin to my “home preschool” board 🙂

  8. Love the craft ideas 🙂
    Will file it away for some time

  9. What a great lesson, I love their hand prints! I bet the really learned a lot!

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