¬†Over the weekend I finally pulled all of my son’s 1st grade homeschool completed work for his portfolio. I typically keep all his work in binders except for his math curriculum which comes in workbooks. I separate his binders by subject. Then once that homeschool year is completed I pull the work out of the binders.
Here is how I store completed work when that particular school year is done.
I take it out of the binders and place them in a Manila folder and rubber band it – labeling the outside.

Then I store it in a plastic bin in our garage just in case I need to provide records to the school board.
Then it’s time to start over for the next school year. I use a large binder for subjects that do not have workbooks and then in the binder I divide each subject with divider tabs.
I allow my children to decorate the outside of their binders because most have a clear pocket on the front. My son decorated his with the Tower of Babel he saw a picture of in his history book.

We also have separate small binders for Science, History and Geogrpahy since these subjects have a lot of activities that we will be doing with them.

Here is my son’s history binder – the history of the church (History For The Little Pilgrims)

How do you store your completed homeschool work for the year and how do you store your work once it’s completed throughout your homeschooling year?

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