We recently took a trip to Legoland Florida, our family had a blast. Prior to leaving we did a Lego learning week!
One for the main tools I used was this Lego pack that I printed off.
The boys played Lego Bingo which came in the pack (free) I just slid the pages in protective covers for the cards  (I did eliminate the witch, cut her out and used a different character on our cards)
For my preschooler I had him go through their Lego blocks and match the colors on the color sheet
For fun I went through their Lego blocks and picked out all the character pieces and had them make their own silly creations. (This was not in the Lego Pack)
Guessing blocks, (in the Lego Pack), dumping blocks on the page and guessing the correct amount.
Measuring 3 towers they made
(in the Lego Pack) the boys played Roll a Lego mini figure
For fun, my 6 year old made an Lego alligator
I made them Lego block sandwiches, peanut butter and strawberry sandwiches and banana slices on the top!
We enjoyed our Legoland trip with our homeschool group, here are a few pictures!
 The boys drove their own boat which was hilarious because my oldest kept getting stuck along the course. He was patient and did a great job!
We had a fun week of Lego learning! You can see more of our Legoland pictures HERE.

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