We have finished letter “C”!
Here are some of the things we did for our letter “C” week lesson:

We have been using All About Reading Pre-1 for learning ABC’s and Rhyming. Here is a portion of the rhyming curriculum.
Writing the letter “C” is fairly easy so we just practiced writing the letter without our Handwriting Without Tears
We also did an experiment – Color Chaning Celery – all starting with the letter C!
Materials needed:
food coloring
clear glasses

Add food coloring in the water (juse a few drops)

 Place the celery in the colored water (make sure you cut off the bottom so it’s nice and fresh)

Two days later the food coloring has moved to the topside of the celery stick! The longer you leave the celery stick in the water the more the top of the celery stick will be colored at the top!

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