SoapTime products were created to give children of all ages a fun & engaging experience at the sink, while providing parents a tool for teaching healthy habits for life.
Why is hand washing so important?
Depending on their age, children catch an average of 9-12 colds per year.
The best way to prevent a cold and illness is to teach them proper hand washing (Web MD).
What makes Soaptime different?
SoapTime uses a multimedia “Edutainment” experience of lights, music and fun facts to keep kids at the sink for 20 seconds, the proper time to ensure clean hands. SoapTime’s Elephant, ABC & Earth shaped soap bottles snap onto the SoapTime Smart Base®. SoapTime’s Smart Base provides 6 unique songs & factoids for each bottle, which play during its custom LED light shows. 
SoapTime’s Elephant Bottle creates a positive sink-side experience with wild-kingdom flare! 
Sing along to An Elephant Never Forgets to Wash His Hands! 
Learn about Elephants, Zebras, Tigers, & Birds.
Elephant’s soap is purple in color, non-toxic, with a light lavender scent.
Click to hear the play list.
SoapTime’s ABC Bottle plays a lively mix of songs & facts centered around learning & language.  Dance along to salsa beats, banjos, and sing alongs!
Learn how to say “hello & goodbye” in Spanish, French, and Chinese!
ABC’s soap is orange, non-toxic, with a light citrus scent.
Click to hear the play list.
SoapTime’s Earth Shaped Bottle engages children with fun knowledge of our planet & nature.
Listen to “worlds” of details about the sun & blue whales.
Sing along and count to 10 in Spanish!
Earth’s soap is green, non-toxic, with a light apple scent.
Click to hear the play list.

My Review: There is a secret about me that closest too me only know, I am a complete germaphob. With 4 kids I am constantly washing their hands when we are out in public because in my experience when 1 of my kids gets sick all 4 of them get sick. Then are are basically homebound for 2 weeks. What I love about SoapTime is that it plays educational songs and information for the 20 seconds while my children wash their hands. They are learning while they are washing their hands! Now I keep catching my kids in the bathroom just to wash their hands because they enjoy listening to the Smart Base. My kids probably have the cleanest hands in town! What a perfect invention!

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