This will be Pudge’s 1st Easter. I wanted to take some Easter pictures of him and my kids. So with my husband’s help and a make shift back drop we had our own little photo shoot! OK, I know I am not a photographer by any means!

It’s hard to get 4 kids to cooperate. I was hoping for cuter facial expressions but it didn’t all happen in 1 picture of all of them at the same time!

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  1. they are so cute!! those photos work for me 🙂

  2. I think they came out great. Beautiful family!!!

  3. The pictures are so cute!

  4. zThey are SOO cute!! It’s a good pic.

  5. Those are precious pictures!

  6. lol, i tried the same thing with my son his first easter… i had no luck!
    i love the family photo !!!!

  7. I have 4 kids too – 2 of whom are teens – and I still have a hard time getting a great shot of them together! Your kiddos are adorable!!!

  8. They are true blessings. Enjoy them!

  9. thats sooo cute!!

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  11. Cute pictures!

  12. Baby in Easter basket! Genius! 🙂

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  14. They still turned out so cute!

  15. Great pictures, your kids are adorable!

  16. great photos – love the bright colored eggs

  17. It is hard to get the kids to cooperate with pictures. Yours turned out great!

  18. I have the same tradition with my kids. Now that they are older, they kind of moan when I get the eggs and baskets out for pictures, but I still love them!!

  19. Very cute! You did a great job! I did the same thing with my newborn photoshoot. What did you use for your backdrop??


  20. I think they turned out cute as can be. You are right though I can never get my 3 to take pictures together. Its always this HUGE to do.

  21. Oh that is so cute. I love the little one in the easter basket…so funny!

  22. Great pictures. I love that first one especially.

  23. Great photos!!! 🙂 Love the baby in the basket! 🙂

  24. Those are really cute pictures…great idea!

  25. Love the photos!

  26. I can NEVER get all three of mine to look at the camera and smile at the same time. I think you did a great job!!

  27. They came out great!

  28. awww so cute!

  29. Those are super-sweet pictures! Good for you for setting it up and getting all four kids to mostly cooperate. 🙂

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  30. Aww, Nicole they look cute! It is definitely hard to get all kids to smile & cooperate at the same time – I hhve trouble & I only have 2!


  31. Oh, I think there expressions ARE adorable. I know, as a mother you know expressions we don’t see. But the pictures are beautiful. Love that you have the baby in a basket!

  32. well, i love them and think they’re GREAT pictures! what a lovely family!

  33. I think they look perfect! As a children’s photographer I understand how hard it is to get four little ones happily sitting in one spot and looking in the same direction. 🙂 You did great. Depending on the weather maybe next time you can take them into the yard where there’s lots of natural lighting. 🙂

  34. Hi happy WW, bless you all too!

  35. I love that you attempted to get the photos on your own. I have been going to a photographer and lets just say she is good but flakey.I am your newest follower and look forward to getting to know you.
    Hope you will check my site out!

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