Our homeschool group is doing a little co-op on Animal Habitats. Thank you to April who taught the classes. The 1st few weeks were about deserts and the animals and plants that live there.

Here are some of the crafts we did:

A owl in a cactus, we tore the green paper into the shape of the cactus to give it the cactus look, then the kids drew their owl’s inside the cactus.
painting bubble wrap and then pressing it on the paper to give their Gila Monster’s texture
Stink Bug (bobby pins for the legs)
egg carton Rattlesnake, the moving of the cartons back and forth make the Rattlesnake sound.
Big Horn Sheep

Then in between classes JJ & I worked on this lapbook, most of the printables we got from Homeschool Share.

Our next lessons are on the forests!
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  1. Great ideas! Creativity is so important in Home Education 🙂

    Love the gila monster concept.


  2. I love the catcus with its cute owl peeking out. Looks like this was a great class.

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