I am loving making my baby girl hairbows but the 1st hairbow holder I made her is full so I decided to make her another one! I can’t get myself to buy one because they are pricey + I like doing crafts!
Here’s how inexpensive & easy it is to make one!
Materials needed:
Wooden decorative hanging piece (with hanger clip on the back to hang on the wall) – this one I bought at Jo-Ann Fabrics for $1.00!
Ribbon (I used 7/8 width)
Measuring Tape
Staple Gun

We painted our decorative piece, I used pink (my baby’s room is sage & pink)
Then I took my ribbon & cut it to the desired length and singed the ends with the lighter to avoid fraying.
The top of the ribbon I made in a “V” like shape so that the ribbon is spread out once facing frontwards.
Once it dried I flipped the decorative piece over and stapled (using the staple gun) the ribbon to the back.

Here is the finished product!

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  1. ooh i love it! my daughter had a very hungry catterpillar baby shower, so i am seeing circles for the catterpillar with ribbon legs to hang bows on! thank you for the great idea!

  2. What a great idea! Hairbows are taking over my bathroom and yet she can never find one when she needs it.

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  4. what a great idea!! my daughters room has butterflys…I am following you from Catch a Wave Wednesday. Please follow back..

  5. heather knight says:

    Such a great idea. My daughter has a ton of bows and headbands too! We made three from an oatmeal container for her headbands, but I need more for her clip bows! Thanks for the idea.

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